1. R

    Solved FreeBSD 13 Multicast Issues

    I've recently decided to try BSD13. We have a software written in java that communicates with each worker node via multicast. I can not get it to work since I've upgraded from 12.2->13. In 12.2 everything works perfectly out of the box with minimal install of OS and JAVA. I've read 13 release...
  2. Bobi B.

    How to list joined multicast groups?

    Is there a utility, or perhaps a netstat command-line switch, to list multicast groups host is joined to and issuing IGMP reports for? I'm debugging an issue, where, even thou there is no application reading from a multicast address, host is reporting couple of addresses. ffmpeg have been...
  3. F

    MiniDLNA not discovered (multicast issue?)

    Hi I am trying to run minidlna (v1.2.1,1) on a FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE system with a GENERIC kernel. I am not using jails. The issue I am seeing is that clients do not see the server unless the server is restarted (or maybe a very high timeout is passed?). Once they "find" each other, everything...
  4. Keve

    multicast sysimage restore

    Hello Forum, To save and deploy system images, for years now I have been using backup/restore for UFS and ntfs-3g's ntfsclone/ntfsimage for NTFS. I sometimes piped these tools through ftp to save to a server folder or deploy from there. Or mounted a network share to backup to or restore from...