How to list joined multicast groups?

Is there a utility, or perhaps a netstat(1) command-line switch, to list multicast groups host is joined to and issuing IGMP reports for?

I'm debugging an issue, where, even thou there is no application reading from a multicast address, host is reporting couple of addresses. ffmpeg have been started, recently, to process a multicast signal. However after ffmpeg ends (or is interrupted), IGMP reports for this multicast group remains (verified with tcpdump(1) on both ends -- signal source and this host).

AFAIK, on Linux, multicast groups can be listed with ip maddr; is there FreeBSD equivalent?
Well, my problem is this. Before ffmpeg:
# ifmcstat -i lagg0.200
    igmpv3 rv 2 qi 125 qri 100 uri 3
        group mode exclude
            mcast-macaddr 01:00:5e:00:00:01

While ffmpeg runs and after it finishes and no-longer running:
        group mode exclude
            mcast-macaddr 01:00:5e:00:c8:01
        group mode exclude
            mcast-macaddr 01:00:5e:00:00:01
If I read this correctly network interface continues asking for multicast signal for group even if no application needs it. Seems so:
# tcpdump -penvi lagg0.200 igmp
tcpdump: listening on lagg0.200, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 262144 bytes
14:53:26.026990 XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX > 01:00:5e:00:00:01, ethertype IPv4 (0x0800), length 56: (tos 0x10, ttl 1, id 26, offset 0, flags [none], proto IGMP (2), length 28) > igmp query v2 [max resp time 1]
14:53:26.100276 XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX > 01:00:5e:00:c8:01, ethertype IPv4 (0x0800), length 46: (tos 0x0, ttl 1, id 38046, offset 0, flags [none], proto IGMP (2), length 32, options (RA)) > igmp v2 report

Any ideas why that is so and how to drop multicast group from this network interface?
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When hosts want to leave a multicast group, they can silently leave, or they can send a leave message. I don't know how ffmpeg works. But you can use mtest to test your multicast routing or if you don't use multicast with ffmpeg you can disabled it using broadcast=0 or setting ttl.

On Cisco the switch is sending periodically a group query to detemrinate if the host is still needs this trafic or not:

IGMP Configurable-Leave Timer

You can configure the time that the switch waits after sending a group-specific query to determine if hosts are still interested in a specific multicast group. The IGMP leave response time can be configured from 100 to 5000 milliseconds. The timer can be set either globally or on a per-VLAN basis. The VLAN configuration of the leave time overrides the global configuration.
Hi Bobi!

I faced the same situation. And I noticed that this problem appeared on FreeBSD 12.x but everything ok when using 11.x. After log search, I found Bug 242677 which describes the degradation of IGMP Leave. The bug is marked as "closed and fixed" but I don't see any positive changes in the fresh 12.x releases.

I may mistake, of course, and I'm not sure that your problem is connected to that bug. But I confirm that the problem still exists.
I made a parallel experiment on two machines with 11.3 and 12.1. I tested multicast with ffprobe. At the same time, I was making dumps of IGMP requests. And ffprobe was started with truss which gave a detailed log of system calls.

Here is the result.

1) Let's take a look at setsockopt calls in truss logs:

setsockopt(3,SOL_SOCKET,SO_NOSIGPIPE,0x7fffffffd92c,4) = 0 (0x0)
setsockopt(3,SOL_SOCKET,SO_REUSEADDR,0x80ecba028,4) = 0 (0x0)
setsockopt(3,IPPROTO_IP,IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP,0x7fffffffe360,8) = 0 (0x0)
setsockopt(3,SOL_SOCKET,SO_RCVBUF,0x7fffffffe360,4) = 0 (0x0)
setsockopt(3,IPPROTO_IP,IP_DROP_MEMBERSHIP,0x7fffffffe440,8) = 0 (0x0)

setsockopt(3,SOL_SOCKET,SO_NOSIGPIPE,0x7fffffffd3ac,4) = 0 (0x0)
setsockopt(3,SOL_SOCKET,SO_REUSEADDR,0x8055869e8,4) = 0 (0x0)
setsockopt(3,IPPROTO_IP,IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP,0x7fffffffdde0,8) = 0 (0x0)
setsockopt(3,SOL_SOCKET,SO_RCVBUF,0x7fffffffdde0,4) = 0 (0x0)
setsockopt(3,IPPROTO_IP,IP_DROP_MEMBERSHIP,0x7fffffffe290,8) = 0 (0x0)

We see that ffprobe has sent IGMP Leave in both cases.

2) What about real IGMP queries?

14:42:39.191842 IP > igmp v2 report
14:42:43.428794 IP > igmp leave

14:42:25.372999 IP > igmp v2 report
14:42:47.548742 IP > igmp v2 report

We see that there were no IGMP Leave query on 12.1.

What am I doing wrong?..
I found the problem. Here is the PR 248512 which is a duplicate of the PR 246629. I made a comparative testing:
  • 12.1-RELEASE
  • snapshot r364392 (which was the freshest on the other day)
IGMP Leave doesn't work on the release and does work on the snapshot.
Now we just have to wait...