Solved FreeBSD 13 Multicast Issues


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I've recently decided to try BSD13. We have a software written in java that communicates with each worker node via multicast. I can not get it to work since I've upgraded from 12.2->13. In 12.2 everything works perfectly out of the box with minimal install of OS and JAVA. I've read 13 release notes, I do not see anything relevant to multicast. Anyone has any idea what has changed in the new release that might affect the needed communications?

I've performed few tests using iperf to start listening server and generating multicast traffic another computer. Everything seems to work fine. I have tried setting up 2 nodes on a single computer and it works! When i set them up in jails or separate computers they no longer see each other. I have also tried to mix them up. First node running on 13 and the other on 12. The 13 can see the 12 but not vs. I have disabled all firewalls, so it is not the case. All nodes are on the same network. Am I missing something!?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Problem was solved by our programing team on our software side.
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