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    MIPS GCC9 not building executable ELFs

    Hi Forum, since some days i dig into MIPS Code and try to compile it. No success in building a MIPS Qemu System, i try now to build code for MIPS with a Cross-Chain. For this i have installed mips-packages from the ports tree. mips-binutils-2 mips-gcc9 The tools popup as...
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    qemu FreeBSD MIPS Big Endian not booting in qemu

    Hi Forum, i tried the last days to bring up a mips installation of freebsd in qemu. I went with different receipes, but none of them worked. I followed the steps here: https://wiki.freebsd.org/QemuRecipes#mips I also tried different archs like mips64, setting up an image with qemu-image and...
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    An Embedded pfsense-like distribution

    Hello, I want to create a mini-distribution for MIPS or ARM based low-RAM low-ROM devices based on FreeBSD. It will be like pfsense. I will provide a way people to use FreeBSD's features without knowing much about FreeBSD. Still they will be able to reach the command line if they want to. But...
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    Solved Compiling FreeBSD for MT7628.dts with freebsd-wifi

    I can't compile FreeBSD for MT7628.dts with freebsd-wifi script. I followed the instructions and created head at: /data/freebsd/head/src freebsd-wifi at: /data/freebsd/build/build I applied chown -R user data I run in /data/freebsd/head/src: ../../build/build/bin/build ralink MT7628.dts But...
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    Which mips Board is best ?

    On the FreeBSD/MIPS website, I got a list of MIPS boards which support FreeBSD, but I am confused which board is suitable for development. The list of boards available are :- Ubiquiti Networks Router-Station (AR7130) Ubiquiti Networks Router-Station Pro (AR7161) Ubiquiti Networks...
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    conversion of Intel instruction into MIPS on FreeBSD

    I have a code in which, fetching of CPU vendor information (i.e vendor id , vendor name) is done using Intel x86 based inline asm code. Now I want to port this code into MIPS/FreeBSD. So any body can tell me how I can achieve this in FreeBSD/MIPS..
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    create images to boot FreeBSD/MIPS on QEMU.

    I have followed the steps given in below link :- https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd-wifi-build/wiki/MipsQemuEmulatorImages https://wiki.freebsd.org/FreeBSD/MipsEmulation qemu-system-mipsel -M malta -kernel /usr/src/sys/mips/config/MALTA ................ But after doing this I got a error...