Which mips Board is best ?

On the FreeBSD/MIPS website, I got a list of MIPS boards which support FreeBSD, but I am confused which board is suitable for development.

The list of boards available are :-

  • Ubiquiti Networks Router-Station (AR7130)
  • Ubiquiti Networks Router-Station Pro (AR7161)
  • Ubiquiti Networks PicoStation M2HP (AR7241)
  • Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter Lite (OCTEON)
  • TP-Link TL-WR1043ND (AR9132)
  • Mikrotik RouterBoard RB450G
  • Alfa Networks Hornet UB (AR933x)
  • D-Link DIR-825 (AR7161)
  • Atheros PB44, PB47, AP94, AP96 reference designs (AR7161)
  • Atheros DB120 reference design (AR9344)
  • 8devices Carambola-2 (AR9330)
  • Engenius ENH-200 (AR7240+AR9285)
  • Buffalo Airstation WZR-300HP B0 A1
  • MIPS Malta evaluation board
  • Lanner MR-320, MR-730, MR-995 (OCTEON)
  • Portwell CAM-0100 (OCTEON)
  • Radisys AMC-7211 / ATCA-7220 (OCTEON)
  • D-Link DSR-500, DSR-500N, DSR-1000 and DSR-1000N (OCTEON)
  • GE Intelligent Platforms WANIC 6354 (OCTEON)
  • Cavium development boards CN5860-EVB-NIC4, CN5650-EVB-NIC16, CN5200-EVB-MB4
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Look for reference designs, evaluation boards or development boards. The others are basically "real" hardware that was hacked to run FreeBSD. Then look for a development board that has the features you want to have.