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    Solved milter-greylist dies when IPv6 sendmail connection

    When I enable IPv6 for sendmail and an IPv6 mail connection is made: milter_sys_read(greylist): cmd read returned 0, expecting 5 Milter (greylist): to error state Milter: connect: host=[IPv6:2401:a400:2070:7d01:5d62:ec06:7dcb:ff3], addr=IPv6:2401:a400:2070:7d01:5d62:ec06:7dcb:ff3, temp failing...
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    Solved milter-greylist broken Makefile

    I rebooted a Digital Ocean droplet of FreeBSD 10.1-Release and was met with milter-greylist failing to start due to not having been compiled for GeoIP use. So, I went to ports, tried make config and sure enough, the GeoIP option was already selected. A new compile later and still the same...