1. byrnejb

    gnome/mate reshuffles the task bar

    I have a recurring issue with the mate desktop. Every now and again the order of the items in the taskbar rearrange themselves. I had noticed this behaviour in the past but just assumed that I had inadvertently triggered something. However, this morning this has happened twice and each time...
  2. S

    MATE Compton transparency issue.

    So I installed mate DE and compton, but whenever I bring up a terminal I get this weird transparent after on all of my open windows. example in the file I attached.
  3. byrnejb

    MATE Increase mouse pointer size

    FreeBSD-12-RELEASE-p5, mate-1.20.3 I wish to increase the size of the mouse pointer on my desktop display(s). I have the mouse configured to ping when the control key is pressed but I would still prefer a larger pointer icon. The system menu of the desktop does not appear to provide any way...
  4. P

    d-bus error with MATE and Cinnamon

    Hello I've installed MATE (the meta port) along with the dependencies ( etc) but I am unable to get it to start via exec mate-session and I get the following error: And I have everything setup according to this page. I did get a message after the installation (via pkg) of MATE was...
  5. TAL15

    Help with mate GUI

    hello, I'm new to BSD, I was a distro-hopper in Linux for a while and have been experiencing difficulties in making the MATE desktop work, After running the command #mate-session To test the GUI I get this message, WARNING **: Cannot open display; I already downloaded Xorg so this should be...
  6. Allan

    Automatically Configured Printer prt0

    I have been trying to configure a Lexmark e260DN for use with a workstation I built with FreeBSD 10.3 I've been struggling with this printer for some reason, but in my process of learning lpr I ran across something weird - there seems to be an automatically configured printer (though it's not...
  7. andrewm659

    vmware workstation/plater seamless mouse integration

    I have FreeBSD 10.3/11 (2 seperate VMs) both have desktops using VMware. I can't move between windows and FreeBSD seamlessly. I have got my xorg.conf setup. But not sure what I am missing.
  8. Andreas Tieben

    MATE Mate Netspeed-Applet for FreeBSD-HowTo!

    Mate (Mate-Desktop) Netspeed-Applet for FreeBSD-HowTo: Download (and unpack!) the Applet from GitHub: As ROOT: If NOT already installed! # pkg install yelp-tools # pkg install itstool # cd /home/YOURHOME/Desktop/mate-netspeed-master # ./