1. decuser

    Solved mysql or mariadb

    I seem to recall kde depending on mysql, but my notes on this are ancient and I'm not using kde. But, my question is, is there a preference for one over the other in FreeBSD? I don't have a personal preference.
  2. K

    ZFS optimization for MariaDB/MySQL server?

    I'm planning to set my MariaDB SQL server with the following options on FreeBSD 13.1 + ZFS. I'm planning a modest, non-dangerous set of options: skip-innodb_doublewrite symbolic-links=0 max_allowed_packet=512M max_connections=250 innodb_io_capacity=15000 innodb_doublewrite = 0...
  3. J

    MariaDB iconv issue...

    Hi All, Got an issue when trying to insert data through isql part of databases/unixODBC. I am trying to insert a row, nothing complicated, or so I thought... # /usr/local/bin/isql -v Database_ODBC_Name +---------------------------------------+ | Connected! | |...
  4. K

    MariaDB filling all my CPU cores up to 100%

    Greetings. Having mariadb105-server-10.5.13 running on FreeBSD 13 with ZFS. (A physical, dedicated server: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core 3593.32-MHz CPU and 64 GB RAM) My WordPress website sometimes getting random-visitors attacks/DDoS (hundreds of http GET requests instantly towards randomly...
  5. m_pahlevanzadeh

    Solved InnoDB: Upgrade after a crash is not supported

    I upgraded my mariadb to 105 and get the following error message after running upgraded my mariadb to 105 and get the following error message after running /usr/local/libexec/mysqld my error: /root{106}# tail -f /var/log/mysql/mysqld.err 2022-01-01 3:12:40 0 [Note] InnoDB: Initializing buffer...
  6. S

    Solved Can't connect to mysql database after upgrading to mariadb 10.4.13_3

    After upgrading to mariadb 10.4.13_3 I'm unable to connect to mysql server via the normal port method. I can connect from the command line and via socket though. Anyone have any idea why that might be? I've read UPDATING and all the stuff about the new config file locations, etc. and everything...
  7. Wamphyre

    BeastNgine: Engintron inspired web server stack for FreeBSD

    Hi, After 2 years of slow work, testing and debugging, today I present my project, BeastNgine. BeastNgine is an Engintron inspired implementation of Varnish, Nginx, Brotli, php-fpm, certbot and modsecurity for FreeBSD. With BeastNgine, you can simply deploy a complete, full blown and ready...
  8. marcus123

    Solved Change of Mariadb 10.3 database location

    Hi, I have installed the Mariadb 10.3 to FreeBSD 11.3, it works well, I would like to change the database directory from the default location (/var/db/mysql) to other location, but it does not work... I have done below: - copy /var/db/mysql to the target directory - rename the /var/db/mysql...
  9. TW1920

    MariaDB won't start automatically

    Hello, I have problems with MariaDB. Installation works well, MariaDB is running fine, too. But it won't start after boot automatically and service command do not work. root@thesaurus:/home/XXX # /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server status mysql is running as pid 1417. root@thesaurus:/home/XXX #...
  10. jjrabbit

    MariaDB 10.4.6 my.cnf missing

    Hi, I installed MariaDB version 10.4.6 from the packages (pkg install) and although everything works I can't seem to find the my.cnf anywhere. Anyone know if the installation hides a template someplace, or know where I can find a FreeBSD-tailored one?
  11. V

    Solved Cant start MariaDB with Galera Cluster (sh: wsrep_sst_rsync: not found)

    When I try to run node: /usr/local/libexec/mysqld --user=root I have get error: sh: wsrep_sst_rsync: not found 2019-08-19 13:53:03 2 [Note] WSREP: New cluster view: global state: a6d6c5d8-c282-11e9-b28d-3f1fbf110ba3:0, view# 24: Primary, number of nodes: 2, my index: 1, protocol version 3...
  12. R

    Solved Installing mariadb-connector-odbc removes mariadb-server package

    Hello all, I am trying to install mariadb-server with the mariadb-connector-odbc on the same server but i am unsuccessfull. when installing one , it wants to remove the other. I have tried installing from pkg with default FreeBSD Repo, but also with my Poudriere Repo, but with the same result...
  13. A

    MariaDB ignore mysql_limits="YES"

    Hello Database start correct but not use limitation for class mysql (e.g. open_files_limit: should be 18000): instead using default class (now 8000, def. 2000). FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p3 mariadb103-server-10.3.8_2 /etc/rc.conf mysql_enable="YES" mysql_limits="YES" /etc/login.conf mysql:\...
  14. L

    MariaDB socket in jail not created at host boot

    There's a jail for MariaDB mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.2.15-MariaDB, for FreeBSD11.1 (amd64) using readline 5.1. A socket should be created in /var/run/mysql [client] port = 3306 socket = /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock [mysqld] port = 3306 socket =...
  15. F

    Redis not talking to Apache jail

    Hello all, Hope someone can help me solve my problem. I have two jails (ezjail) on a FreeBSD 11.1 host (UFS): one running Apache 2.4 ( and the other one running MariaDB 10.2 ( The Apache jail has PHP 7.2 and Nextcloud 12. Nextcloud is running fine. No problems there...
  16. M

    mariadb102-server-10.2.6 missing innodb?

    Hello! I've just upgraded to MariaDB 10.2 and couldn't use my my.cnf because InnoDB was missing, I was able to start MariaDB if I removed my my.cnf, but using "show engines" innodb isn't there. Thanks edit: tested on another box and it isn't there either
  17. M

    php70-pdo: 7.0.3 wants mysql56-client and won't let me keep MariaDB

    Hello, I tried to replace php56 with php7, first I did pkg install install php70 and these packages was uninstalled php56-xmlreader-5.6.18 php56-xml-5.6.18 php56-pdo_sqlite-5.6.18 php56-pdo_mysql-5.6.18 php56-dom-5.6.18 php56-simplexml-5.6.18...
  18. BlindPenguin

    Installing MariaDB 10.1.8 on FreeBSD 10.2

    Hi, iI've played around with the new release of MariaDB and managed to compile and launch it. Here is what iI did so far: At first install the Galera lib from ports. This should also build most dependencies which are needed to build MariaDB. Then download source code from here (click). After...