1. chloris

    Dovecot: separate inboxes by domain

    Dear FreeBSD users, I am running a mail server with OpenBSD opensmtpd for mail delivery and Dovecot for IMAP access. The server accepts mail for two domains, let's call them domain1 and domain2. Users authenticate against the system /etc/passwd file, meaning they log in to SMTP/IMAP only using...
  2. Sergei_Shablovsky

    Shell cron script/utility to make screenshots and periodically emailing

    HI, FreeBSD Gurus ! Please suggest me tool/sys utility/script that : - constantly running in a background under root privilege; - saving local-attached terminal (monitor on server's VGA output, no any GUI used) screenshot to destination folder; - periodically (hourly or daily, or certain day of...
  3. C

    Setup OpenSMTPD to relay periodic's output from root to e-mail

    Good evening, I am new to FreeBSD (running FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p3) and have troubles with setting up OpenSMTPD to redirect the output of periodic to my e-mail adress. I have followed this blog post to get me started, but since it was written, the syntax of OpenSMTPDs configuration file...
  4. D

    Solved Claws-mail GPG Plugin Error "No such file or directory"

    I quite like mail/claws-mail and its plugins. I've been diving into using PGP to sign email and done so before using Kmail, but Claws Mail requires the plugin mail/claws-mail-pgp. I've never used this before but I know I have a good key to use and its stored in .gnupg (where it should be)...
  5. ajbrehm


    I noticed that the mail command doesn't work, that is does not send mails or see sent mails. Have I missed some configuration during the install? I expected it just to work locally like it did with NetBSD. I.e. mail root and a subject and some text does not send a mail to root and neither does...
  6. Q

    [FreeBSD 12.2] NEWALIASES: cannot open alias database /etc/mail/aliases

    Hey guys this is my first thread, yay! I've just set up a server with FreeBSD 12.2 and changed the mail address in /etc/mail/aliases (root: To rebuild the aliases.db (which doesn't exist) I've used the following command: root@***:/etc/mail # newaliases WARNING: cannot open...
  7. T

    Solved replacement anti-spam filter for Sylpheed?

    I use Sylpheed as mail client for one of my (old) mail accounts. It's so old that I still receive mail via POP, not IMAP (I have that option, but haven't used it yet). I have used mail/py-spambayes as the anti-spam filter solution for this for many years. Alas, py-spambayes works only with...
  8. lifepillar

    How to efficiently manage cron mails with many hosts?

    Hello FreeBSD community, first poster here. I hope my question won't be considered too general or not technical enough. I have currently a dozen jails (and still growing) in my server (FreeBSD 12.1). One jail is a mail server (Dovecot+OpenSMTPD), and each jail is configured to forward cron...
  9. erley

    Local mail sender hostname is wrong when sending via OpenSMTPd

    Hello, I got a problem with local emails on my FreeBSD box after last upgrade of OpenSMTPd 6.6.4p1. Previously it worked well, but now: $ mail -v root Subject: test some message . EOT <<< 220 # ESMTP OpenSMTPD >>> EHLO localhost <<< 250-# Hello localhost [local], pleased to meet you <<<...
  10. T

    replacement for qgmailnotifier?

    Is there a replacement for mail/qgmailnotifier in the ports tree somewhere? It got deleted when Qt4 went out the door.
  11. rigoletto@

    Solved Redesign e-mail scheme.

    Hello! I have a e-mail scheme working like this: The current scheme works pretty well but mail/fdm has a drawback. Every time it download the e-mail from the provider they are deleted in there. It is possible to parse a flag to mail/fdm not delete the e-mails at the provider but every time it...
  12. daBee

    Solved mail delete messages

    Trying to delete some system messages of a script that didn't have permissions. I can't seem to get rid of them using delete *. Is that the right command? It seems that's what's used, but after exiting mail, the messages show up again. It's told me there were no more new messages, but then...
  13. Nyantastic

    Mysterious mail messages

    Each time I log in as root I am told that I have "x mail messages". However, these mail messages seem to be invisible: $ su Password: You have 7 mail messages. root@orange:/home/nyan # mailx -u root No mail for root root@orange:/home/nyan # mailx Mail version 8.1 6/6/93. Type ? for help...
  14. Phishfry

    System Mail Usage

    I am trying to figure out FreeBSD internal messaging via mail. What should I look up as mostly I am finding info like this: I want to know about the nuts and bolts of system events and mail interaction. What can you adjust. What about...
  15. A

    Change cron default sendmail to mail

    I'm running FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE. On default cron is using /usr/lib/sendmail to send user emails. How can I tell/set cron to use /bin/mail instead? crontab(5) says in the section about the MAILTO var: This option is useful if you decide on /bin/mail instead of /usr/lib/sendmail as your mailer...
  16. S

    how to mail from console with charset in the header?

    Hi, I'm trying to mail localized text from asterisk to my mail, echo "тест" | mail -a "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8" -s "килирилица" but mail hasn't -a key. I'm used this key in linux-system. How I can do it in FreeBSD? Thanks/
  17. Zack

    Solved Some mail has no content

    I use mail/ssmtp with mail via cron to send the output of some scripts to my email. I use a google email to send them to my main email address. Sometimes the email body will say "This message has no content". Here's an example from cron of a script where the email says this. smartctl -a...
  18. T

    "you have mail" change in FreeBSD 11

    This isn't a very important thing, but I haven't seen it mentioned yet, so here goes. Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that the "you have mail" notification in the shell (/bin/sh in this case) has changed in FreeBSD 11. It used to be (in all earlier releases) that you could get back...
  19. M

    All users can email from my gmail account with ssmtp

    I've set up ssmtp with my gmail account (and disabled sendmail) following these and these instructions. I can now send mail using the following command: echo "Hello" | mail -s subject I have two specific questions now: Any user can now send mail with the above...
  20. M

    Postfix + Amavisd mail loop

    Hello all, I'm new here and I am looking for some help in troubleshooting a mail loop on my machine. I am running Postfix and Amavisd on FreeBSD 10.1 and I'm pretty sure the problem is just matter of something small and stupid that I can't seem to find. I have uploaded the contents of my...