1. StreetDancer

    Thinkpad T430 - FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT - Intel Driver (Problems)

    Hey everyone! I have been struggling to get FreeBSD running on my Thinkpad T430 (which I have done in the past; I just don't remember how). I have since then formatted and have a new hard drive in. I have spent the last 72 hours re-installing versions ranging from 12.1 - 13.0 CURRENT (which is...
  2. R

    When opening whatever web broswer, black screen appears and computer freezes.

    Hi, I'm new in FreeBSD, I like the OS and I'm installing it on many computers. But unfortunately in this case I have a problem with this computer that I'm using. The computer specs are these: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Nvidia FX 5700 x2 512 MB DDR RAM 40GB IDE. Using FreeBSD 12.1 Release-p6 and updated...
  3. A

    GDbus error starting LightDM after the installation.

    Hi, I'm a new member in the FreeBSD community. First, I apologize for the English of this post thread, I am Spanish XD. I have already used FreeBSD with SLiM and GDM for GNOME and Enlightenment desktop. But now I need a lighter display manager and desktop envoirement, that's why I opted for...
  4. B

    Thinkpad X300 - Slim Woes

    Hello Everyone, I have decided to give FreeBSD a go on my old X300 laptop. Got everything running apart from my graphics card. For some reason it defaults to 640x480. I have installed Xorg, LXDE and Slim packages and now I am unable to login through Slim, it looks like the graphics card driver...
  5. StreetDancer

    LXDE Does anyone else notice pkg install don't add...

    Does anyone else notice when installing packages that it's not until after you install another package; that the previous one is added to the LXDE application launcher? So far this has been the case with 11-Stable and 12-Current. Just wanted to check with the other LXDE users. Cheers :)
  6. Nureo

    LXDE How to change the keyboard for latinoamerican? ¿Cómo cambiar el teclado a "latinoamericano"?

    Hello everybody. There is not "ñ" in my keyboard, and also some buttons are changed. When I first installed FreeBSD, it was certainly fine. But when I start the LXDE environment, it was the wrong keyboard for me. Can anyone help me (and others like me)? In spanish/En castellano: Hola a...