Solved Lumina DE and Fluxbox Windows Manager


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Hi I am new to Freebsd and I want to set up my first real desktop.

But when I try to make Lumina and Fluxbox work together, Fluxbox never work.

I always have to start Fluxbox via menu.

I enter both of the software in .xinitrc and I just have Lumina that starts.

Does someone know why this happen ??

Thank you in advance for your help.



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As far I know Lumina does manage Fluxbox as it window manager, and so you should not set anything Fluxbox related but use the Lumina provided tools.

Btw, Lumina 2.0 will come with its own WM, and not use Fluxbox anymore.


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Lumina is a desktop environment (DE), which uses fluxbox as its window manager. So when you start Lumina, fluxbox is there as well.
You can also use fluxbox without Lumina.

to start fluxbox

You may want to install a login manager (e.g. slim) to handle multiple DE for you (you then select which one to start by F1 key) and desktops to select from are .desktop files in /usr/local/share/xsessions so that your .xinitrc reduces to:
exec $1