1. I

    Why is tcpdump able to sniff packets on the wrong loopback interface?

    Supposing I have several loopback interfaces: lo0 and lo1. lo0 is configured implicitly by the system, configuration of lo1 follows: /etc/rc.conf cloned_interfaces="lo1:sticky" ifconfig_lo1="inet netmask" ifconfig_lo1_alias0="inet"...
  2. m_pahlevanzadeh

    /usr/local/bin/ss-server[83995]: setting ipv6 dscp failed: 22

    I set up the following json file for shadowsocks: { "server":["::1","",""], "mode":"tcp_and_udp", "server_port":8388, "local_port":1080, "password":"foobar", "timeout":86400, "method":"chacha20-ietf-poly1305" } Then I receive in the...
  3. S

    Pinging a shut down loopback interface from another system

    We have two device R1 and R2 running FreeBSD 9.2, on R1 we have set an ipv4 address for lo1: R1#: sudo ifconfig lo1 Then add a route to R1 in R2: R2#: sudo ip r add via Now we have access to R1 in R2, so ping is working. In this stage if we shut down...
  4. D

    jails and loopback

    Im new to freebsd and jails, please be patient. according to the freebsd documentation, one should create a cloned loopback for a jail instance. I can't get behind the purpose of creating multiple loopback interfaces. can someone explain me this? Should I create a new lo interface for each...
  5. DiscmanDaemon

    Solved Giving jails network access through host's IP

    Hello all, I am looking to allow a processes inside jails to make network requests (such as DNS lookups, http requests, etc). The spit in the punch is that I wish to avoid giving them an alias on the host's NIC as I want to automate the creation and destruction of jails, and wish to avoid...
  6. petur

    Solved Should each jail have it's own loopback network interface?

    In the handbook section Managing Jails with ezjail, it is demonstrated how to setup a jail. From 14.6.1. Installing ezjail: (just below the reddish subsection), it says: Installing ezjail consists of adding a loopback interface for use in jails, installing the port or package, and enabling the...
  7. quamenzullo

    Networking and jails

    Hello, I still have some questions about networking and jails. I could not find the answers in the documentation or forums. I hope my questions are not too dumb. 1. The networking inside jails seems to partly rely on the networking of the host. To get "more" networking features, it is...