1. K

    FreeBSD 13 won't start from two SSDs

    Good afternoon I have two SSD drives installed on my laptop, I installed FreeBSD 13 on each of them, when I start the system I select the one I want to boot from, and only one system always boots, the second does not boot. doesn't seem to exist. Although both SSDs are visible in the BIOS. Help...
  2. Yaroslav Mineyev

    Change FreeBSD Loader's loaddev variable

    Hello, I'm searching the way to change loaddev variable of FreeBSD's /boot/loader. There is nothing useful either in FreeBSD's man, or in Google. By default it should be the same as currdev, but I have currdev=disk0s2:, but loaddev=disk0p2:. How to change it to load loader.conf and other...
  3. S

    Failed to find bootable partition - could be a bug of loader.efi on FreebSD 13?

    I use UEFI boot. /boot/loader.efi has been copied to /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi of a proper ESP partition and we can see it was actually called by the UEFI. It won't go on the next boot stage. disk1p3 is actually that boot partition with /boot, but why loader.efi won't recognize it as a bootable...
  4. Abraham79

    Solved loader.efi in EFI is not able to boot FreeBSD 13.0

    I have upgraded from 12.2 to 13.0 and rEFInd detects FreeBSD/boot1.efi in ESP partition and can boot into FreeBSD. However, when I tried with copying /boot/loader.efi into the ESP partition FreeBSD folder, it is not booting. It is showing below error. Note that ESP partition is in SSD and...
  5. Keve

    loader.efi freezes loading kernel

    Hello forum-readers, I have a 2006 iMac 4,1 with an Intel Core Solo processor and 32-bit EFI 1.1, and I am trying to run FreeBSD 11.2R/i386 on it. It looks to me that FreeBSD's 32-bit EFI loader is found, loaded, started, which in turn DOES find my freebsd-ufs partition, finds the kernel at...
  6. A

    UFS UEFI booting with separate /boot partition

    I am in the process of migrating to UEFI on my laptop. I would like /boot to be on a separate partition in order to have / on GELI, but I cannot get the UEFI bootloader to play along. It finds both my mirrored /boot UFS partitions just fine, but refuses to continue because /boot/loader.efi does...