1. Sergei_Shablovsky

    Character set issue with ATEN CS64US KVM

    Dear FreeBSD Gurus! How to fix issue with characters set (if I make a right conclusion), see the picture above. The monitor are connected trough ATEN KVM CS64US (latest firmware updated). May be some corrections in loader.conf needed ?
  2. F

    qemu FreeBSD 13.0 guest in Linux with qemu/KVM hangs on poweroff

    I used virt-manager to make a FreeBSD VM inside Arch Linux. It used the i440FX chipset and BIOS (not UEFI). I gave it one processor and 2GB of RAM which is above the minimum requirements. Other than that, I used the default settings that virt-manager uses for FreeBSD machines. Booting worked...
  3. H

    general/other FreeBSD 12.2 as guest on Fedora 33 KVM-QEMU not great screen quality

    I installed FreeBSD 12.2 on Fedora 33 KVM - QEMU. The quality of the screen image isn't that great. When compared to other operating systems I install on KVM-QEMU, FreeBSD doesn't have a clear resolution. Is there a way to fix this, or is it a compatibility problem? Would it work better using...
  4. teekwan

    Can't edit rc.conf in Freebsd qcow2 using virt-edit

    Hi, I'd like to use virt-edit to edit rc.conf before running the FreeBSD 11.3 official provided qcow2 image from https://download.freebsd.org/ftp/releases/VM-IMAGES/11.3-RELEASE/amd64/Latest/ I tried like this: # virt-edit FreeBSD-11.3-RELEASE-amd64.qcow2 /etc/rc.conf virt-edit: no operating...
  5. DutchYogi

    FreeBSD as KVM guest drops network connection vtnet once a day

    I have knowledge since FreeBSD since 5.x, mostly on bare metal, but also with virtualized FreeBSD guests (on my own hardware). Managed to fix almost all problems, but this one is driving me mad. Now, I have a FreeBSD guest 12.1-p3 with two jails. The host is with an external VPS-company and...
  6. Martin Garcia

    ZFS How do I shrink or extend my ZFS filesystem?

    Hello, I have some FreeBSDs running as vm over KVM/QEMU QCOW2 Hypervisor. They are running great. However I would like to reduce or extend my ZFS (virtual) disk. I know how to extend it with XFS and using GPARTED and LVM. But have no idea howto on ZFS How can I achieve this? Thanks for your...
  7. Martin Garcia

    Solved Reclaim unused space on a virtual machine on a sparse vm

    Hello, I have this exact issue, https://blogs.oracle.com/solaris/zfs-on-disk-images-reclaiming-unused-space-v2/comment-submitted?cid=57c69e34-f90a-4064-bb6b-30a9375352a4 I have virtual machines (FTP, WEB, MySQL servers) on KVM sometime ago it was filled with some files or sites that are no...
  8. hakayova

    FreeBSD update on KVM/QEMU VM led to inability to boot

    Dear all, This is my first post in this forum, and I am quite new to FreeBSD, so please be gentle with me. I have a FreeBSD 11.2 guest (VM) on a Manjaro Linux host based on KVM/QEMU infrastructure. I use the VM as a CardDAV and CalDAV server for the family, and among all options I tried...
  9. Tsuroerusu

    Installing FreeBSD under KVM with VirtIO

    This is a public "note to self" that I hope will be useful to somebody out there. This evening I wanted to install FreeBSD in a VM under KVM on a Linux VM-host. Also, when I install FreeBSD with ZFS (Read: Always), I like to partition and setup the disks by hand via the "Shell" option in the...
  10. G

    How to configure Xorg with qxl-driver/xspice on kvm + virt-manager

    Hello everyone, I am newbie and interested in FreeBSD(11.1), so I decided to try it out on a virtual machine (kvm). The install was simple, but I seem to have hit a wall trying to install and configure Xorg. As per the handbook (and other sources), I installed Xorg using ports. cd...
  11. rigoletto@

    emulation/qemu: "kvm" accelerator not found.

    Hi! I am trying to get emulators/qemu running but when I try to use it: "kvm" accelerator not found. No accelerator found! Also tried emulators/qemu-devel, same thing. Both built from ports with default OPTION. PS. Following the WIKI and I could not find kqemu. Probably merged, I guess...
  12. T

    FreeBSD 10.4 hangs during boot on KVM

    For those of you using KVM as a hypervisor for FreeBSD guest machines, if a freshly installed FreeBSD 10.4-release guest hangs during boot, it might be 213155. See screenshot This also happens if you upgrade a guest machine from FreeBSD 10.3 to FreeBSD 10.4. My host machine has an AMD...
  13. Martin Garcia

    FreeBSD performance on KVM

    Hello there, I'm pretty new to FreeBSD, but quite experienced on Linux. I was looking for FreeBSD performance over KVM over CentOS7. I've installed successfully FreeBSD11 with virtio drivers for network and storage without any issue. The filesystem selected is ZFS with lz4. However I can't find...
  14. E

    FreeBSD as KVM GUI guest

    Hello, I am in the process of evaluation of FreeBSD 11 as a desktop use case. I try to install FreeBSD as a KVM guest, I succeed in installation of the OS, Xorg, Xfce, settings at /etc/rc.conf, /etc/fstab. However when I start the X, I get a blurry graphic output. Interestingly I get this...
  15. L

    Physical or emulated hardware casing FreeBSD to not boot?

    Hello FreeBSD world, Please pardon my ignorance and anything crass I might have typed out, but I cannot seem to get FreeBSD (11 and 10.3) to boot past the 'Booting...' text from either the ISO or the QCOW2 image file for QEMU/KVM (yes I extracted it first) using QEMU/KVM. I ran checksums on...
  16. kabe

    KVM - FreeBSD Guest

    Hi, I am trying to run FreeBSD as a guest on KVM (Ubuntu). I am wanting to try to mount a folder using the Filesystem config but I can't seem to find anything that definitively says that FreeBSD supports 9p mounts. If you run the mount command it says "Operation not supported by device"
  17. A

    Is there any port effort going on in FreeBSD community for linux-kvm?

    http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Main_Page Please let me know if there is any effort already going on in porting kvm into FreeBSD. I am aware we have http://bhyve.org/ as FreeBSD hypervisor.
  18. M

    FreeBSD as a KVM guest, best practices

    Hi all, I have a few FreeBSD VPS' running under KVM (most of them are running FreeBSD 10.2 or later) and I was wondering what the best configuration would be with respect to performance. I found a few guides about using virtio drivers for network and disks on FreeBSD guests, but they seemed to...
  19. Vinicius Agassi

    Help with Network (URGENT)

    Hi dudes, so no I have a big problem with my dedicated server... It was working perfectly, but then, I run the command /etc/rc.d/netif restart and my server falls... My service provider has no experience with FreeBSD and provided me access to KVM / IP. I need put this in configuration: IP...