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    Hyprland error

    Hi, I have followed the instructions to install freebsd and hyprland, but the latter does not start. It does not start automatically and also not when I run "Hyprland". In this case I get the following error message: And in the log, the last line says: I have read messages on the internet...
  2. A

    Invisible cursor in Wayland

    Hello, installed FreeBSD+Hyprland using nvidia-drm, I see an invisible cursor. Parameter WLR_NO_HARDWARE_CURSORS=1 did not help, who knows the solution to the problem?
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    Other Wayfire vs Hyprland anyone?

    With a nice Wayfire Tutorial here in the forum, I was wondering if anyone has gathered any similar experience with Hyprland on FreeBSD already? x11-wm/hyprland and supplementary ports have been added at the end of last year and are kept up-to-date, but I could not really find any info /...