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    Other /home/<user>/.config folder not found

    Good Morning All, I am trying to install wayfire in my system, I have followed the below guide, but when coming to the section 6.2 The Wayfire compositor, there is a step to create the folder wayfire under ~/.config/wayfire which is supposed to be under /home/<user>/.config, but when I am...
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    Virtualbox, Wayland, Hikari Found 0 GPUs, cannot create backend

    I am new to FreeBSD and want to try a wayland compositor but I get this error when I type in the cmd "hikari" [backend/backend.c:217] Found 0 GPUs, cannot create backend [backend/backend.c:386] Failed to open any DRM device I have installed virtualbox guest additions (without X support) and...
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    Patch for Hikari wayland compositor.

    Hello, There is a bug or issue on hikari wayland compositor which cause hikari to crash when opening gtk4 applications, e.g celluloid. There is a patch available on hikari matrix forum which fixed that issue. Will be great if it's applied on hikari package from repository. I hope this post will...
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    I can't turn on hikari and sway.

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting hikari and sway running. I'm not using x11. I have installed drm-kmod. What could I have done wrong? I've been "using" FreeBSD for several hours and have a fairly little English, so the bug can be really stupid. When trying to start hikari: jakub@FreeKuba...
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    Other Anyone using hikari and what's your experience & settings?

    I'm curious because it's a pretty unique combination with Wayland on FreeBSD. I've taken a look from time to time but never tried it myself (and I have to admit that I'm not even running FreeBSD yet, because I wanted to wait for "13" to give it a first spin on my new laptop). For me the...