Virtualbox, Wayland, Hikari Found 0 GPUs, cannot create backend

I am new to FreeBSD and want to try a wayland compositor but I get this error when I type in the cmd "hikari"

[backend/backend.c:217] Found 0 GPUs, cannot create backend
[backend/backend.c:386] Failed to open any DRM device

I have installed virtualbox guest additions (without X support)
and i have set setenv XDG_RUNTIME_DIR /var/run/user/`id -u`

Just now I was testing the same thing and it fails for me as well. When reading the internet here and there, I understand that virtualbox is not supported.

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Actually it works for me, when I started Xorg beforehand. But it does not start from the console after a fresh start and logging in. Then it says (when running in Virtualbox) no DRM found, backend cannot be started. While if I launch Xorg with startx , launch i3 and then launch Sway. Then it starts, as the logs mention: headless. I just followed the freebsd documentation.

I will try to start sway still when my i3 is not launched.

I have the impression some programs start quicker when launching them in above explained setup. Is there a benefit from starting sway on top of Xorg? Anyone an idea?

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