hid/human interface device

  1. G

    PS3 (Dualshock) Driver | Question regarding input/output

    Hello, I'm developing a translation layer that reverse engineers the PS3's Dualshock 3's input to something that FreeBSD, can interpret. However, I ran into a roadblock, as the aim is to bring the native controls (gamepad ones) to FreeBSD, rather than using the keyboard and mouse translation. I...
  2. robroy

    How can I make a USB volume knob work?

    How can I make this cool knob work? It was hand made by Charlie Skilbeck in London. Etsy: Tiny Little USB Volume Knob. Turning the knob doesn't change the output of mixer. Its FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE kernel messages: ugen0.2: <CH Skilbeck Volume Knob> at usbus0 usbhid3 on uhub0 usbhid3...
  3. LibreQuest

    Testing analog joystick FreeBSD 13.2 Release

    FreeBSD 13.2 Suyimazu Steam Airscape: The Fall of Gravity Gravis Blackhawk with analog to USB converter I didn't have to configure the joystick, FreeBSD and Steam decided they knew how to use it. My daughter was playing. Pretty cool. EDIT: Chip is Intel N5095 16GB DDR4 on Sata SSD.
  4. B

    Elantech trackpad not working

    Hello, I am reasonably new to FreeBSD, but came across this thread for a similar issue. So far those steps do not result in my trackpad working, but perhaps I am missing something? I would really appreciate any support, docs to read, or opinions on what I'm missing, etc. This is for a Lenovo...
  5. sidetone

    Show or describe your HID configuration: Peripheral hardware

    HID devices include keyboards, gamepads/joysticks, penpads/touchpads, mice... This can be for any type of HID device, from the old architecture, from x86-input, from the newer driver architecture, from Antimicro or Bluetooth. Any HID that runs on FreeBSD. Even plans on what to do with it. Or...
  6. sidetone

    Howto: Enabling multimedia keys, gamepads/joysticks for desktop; usbhid

    Enabling usbhid usbhid gives the ability to use newer advanced hid drivers. The ability to use usbhid must be turned on from /boot/loader.conf: hw.usb.usbhid.enable="1" Then, load the driver through /etc/rc.conf: kld_list="usbhid" Turning this module on from /boot/loader.conf won't work. Once...
  7. Azrael

    [SOLVED] No Touchpad After Install

    Recently I got a Asus Tuf Gaming A17 laptop. After a while I was able to resolve my wifi problems, but I'm still not able to use the touchpad. Usually I just install xf86-input-synaptics and that fixes it. I installed xf86-input-synaptics and libsynaptics, but no change. I added...