1. gotnull

    Kudos Contributors!

    Hi, This post is dedicated to those who have rewritten the all Jail section from the Handbook: CONGRATULATIONS & THANK YOU! I usually read an offline PDF version of the Handbook, time has passed and I realized this was a 2022 version. So early in a day I check the online version and wow...
  2. rwv37

    permalinks for FreeBSD Handbook for particular versions?

    I'm specifically interested in a permalink for the English version of the Handbook for 14.0, but I'd like to know in general how/if such links can be obtained. The "Handbook" link in the "Documentation" dropdown for freebsd.org links to https://docs.freebsd.org/en/books/handbook/, which is for...
  3. G

    Handbook style

    Hello, I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this question. I noticed that the style of the FreeBSD handbook has changed (compare e.g. a previous version to the current version). Is it possible to build the latest version of the handbook locally using the previous style?
  4. J

    Updating from source - Handbook confusion

    Handbook chapter 24: https://docs.freebsd.org/en/books/handbook/cutting-edge/ 24.5.1. Quick Start: # git pull /usr/src check /usr/src/UPDATING # cd /usr/src # make -j4 buildworld # make -j4 kernel # shutdown -r now # etcupdate -p # cd /usr/src # make...
  5. decuser

    Other Confusing documentation

    Having read, and re-read Chapter 31. Firewalls, I'm hugely disappointed in the lack of clear direction offered by the author. As a reference, it's not horrible, but for someone looking to turn on the firewall so their workstation or server is relatively safe, it's not good. I'm not a new user...
  6. sidetone

    Documentation switched to AsciiDoc

    FreeBSD books and articles switched formats from DocBook to a lighterweight AsciiDoc. This was intended to make document contributions easier. Manpages remained as mdoc. (This was written about in the latest FreeBSD Journal)
  7. HL1234

    Maybe an error in the handbook - Updating Multiple Jails

    Its written in Updating Multiple Jails 15.5.1. Creating the Template 5. Now, symlink the read-write file system to the read-only file system. Ensure that the symlinks are created in the correct s/ locations as the creation of directories in the wrong locations will cause the installation to...
  8. asmar

    5.4.5. Video Cards - should I install graphics/drm-kmod?

    Hello, I am installing FreeBSD for the first time and I got stuck at 5.4.5. Video Cards in Handbook. I am now installing on old PC to try it out but I am interested in general steps. I identified my GPU as Radeon HD 4000 RV730 XT. So I figured I'll need to modify config file accordingly...
  9. Rastko

    Solved GVFS double instructions

    It seems to me that there is much overlap with FreeBSD documentation versus vendor documentation. It seems such is the case with GVFS ntfs support. For example, Nautilus in Gnome 3 already sees the partitions on my external USB2, but by default there is no access. Only manually was I able to...
  10. sidetone

    Documentation improvement

    As for documentation, the way it is, is inefficient. Different people are responsible for different pages of it, so when you suggest an improvement, they, understandably, aren't there for periods of time. The Handbook becomes stagnant, in this state. There is a stigma about wikis, because many...
  11. A

    Handbook: ports with Subversion

    If this the wrong forums section to discuss Handbook matters, please, feel free to remove this thread or relocate it someplace more suitable :). Today, I decided to have a look at different means of managing the Ports Collection locally. I already found ports-mgmt/poudriere...
  12. A

    Solved Updating the FreeBSD Handbook

    When setting up the Linux Flash plugin with emulators/linux-c6, www/firefox, www/linux-c6-flashplugin11 and www/nspluginwrapper I noticed that the information on www/chromium and Flash is completely out-of-date and misleading, because Chromium no longer relies on Netscape plugins, but uses its...