1. BingHelloMan

    Solved Adding FreeBSD on GRUB boot menu

    I am dual-booting WattOS (Debian 12) and FreeBSD 14.0 on my Thinkpad T410s on each of their own Disks I tried os-probing to detect the FreeBSD boot partition, but it didn't work. It seems that I have to manually add an entry on the Grub menu, but I do not know how to add it My disks...
  2. apprentice

    How to Fix boot, FreeBSD 14

    My 1st post, and I'm trying to follow the rules, sorry if I make any mistakes, as my English is not good. I'm a beginner at FreeBSD, and knowing how to fix the boot and configure it is the basics of the basics to move on to greater challenges later MAIN OBJECTIVE: Know how to fix FreeBSD boot...
  3. G

    Issue with GRUB in dual-boot Ubuntu 20.10/FreeBSD 12.2

    Hi dear Daemons I tried to make a dual-boot with Ubuntu 20.10 and FreeBSD 12.2. To help me, I followed this great tuto: When I try to boot FreeBSD from my GRUB menu entry, I got the error "Image has invalid negative size". Booting on Ubuntu works...
  4. mutterhunt

    GRUB boot -s

    In Greece there was only BSD left after withdrawel symptoms of 3 months of data, computer, mobile (stolen!); so back in Austria, new devices, bill tried to kill me as usual with the upcoming release (2 weeks on market: 1.000.000 viruses!), but now finally BTT: 1. make kernel (works!); 2. make...
  5. O

    Booting Windows 7 and FreeBSD from 2 separate disks

    Tell me who knows!! How to double-boot Windows 7 and FreeBSD from 2 separate disks. Tried to install FreeBSD 12.1 RELEASE amd64. grub2 in packages and ports no! It was in packages a year ago. Installed a year ago c grub2 everything worked, where grub2, skype disappeared... Can who build grub2...
  6. A

    General instruction for installing FreeBSD and not breaking existing gpt UEFI partitions; want to boot FreeBSD with grub

    I am trying to install FreeBSD to the same HDD to which my Linux and Windows are installed; so it may be called triple-boot. I am using EFI-compatible firmware and a version of grub that on startup offers me to load one of the 2 systems that I have installed; now I want to install FreeBSD as the...
  7. B

    How to install GRUB on FreeBSD 11.1

    Anyone has any idea of how can I install GRUB here? Thanks!
  8. G

    Solved Cannot boot FreeBSD with GRUB

    Hi folks! I'm using GRUBv2 in a dual boot with GNU/Linux Debian and Win10. I've installed FreeBSD and followed many advices but I still cannot see 'FreeBSD' in the option list of GRUB in order to boot it When I type as root in Debian, # update-grub Debian recognizes itself, recognizes...
  9. Farhan Khan

    Solved Grub Failing to boot FreeBSD

    I am dual-booting Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) and FreeBSD on the same laptop. I decided to use Grub2 (explanation below). Since Linux boots, I am doing this from Linux. The kernel appears to boot and scrolls through the kernel messages, but then ends with the following message: Mountroot: waiting for...
  10. A

    How To Install GRUB on FreeBSD 10.1

    Hi, I wanted to install GRUB on FreeBSD 10.1. When I try to install using "pkg install grub2/grub", I am getting package not found error. I am new to FreeBSD. Kindly help me out in installing grub on 10.1. Ajay
  11. Karolson


    Hello All Fresh guy here (First try BSD, just want some this true UNIX feel), but I got one problem. I got Lenovo Y70. I install FreeBSD from usb, all go nice and smooth ,making a 3 partitions (auto from Bsd installer) swap, boot, and /. I am using Grub 2 to boot BSD , i got grub installed on...