1. B

    UFS FreeNAS EFI GPT Hard drive partition issues

    Hello there, long time lurker, but haven't posted. seems I've found what I needed to survive for 15 years until this day. I have an interesting situation that I've trying to resolve.... I have a hard drive (4Tb) that has a lot of important content on it I was using on a FreeNAS (NAS4free)...
  2. BosephusKingfish

    gmirror With GPT on boot volume

    I'm installing a new 13.2-RELEASE system with dual M.2 Samsung EVO 990 PRO 1TB SSDs. I'm attempting to make the second SSD a gmirror array, but it fails with: gmirror: Can't store metadata on /dev/nvd0: Operation not permitted. In my extensive searches, this appears to be that both GPT and...
  3. aragats

    Other How to shrink a GPT disk image?

    I have a 64GB GPT disk image file with multiple partitions. I shrank the last (and the largest) partition and now have a free space of 32GB at the end. Now I'd like to shrink the entire image file. If I simply run truncate -s 32g disk.img, gpart doesn't like it and reports "No such geometry"...
  4. aragats

    ZFS How to use "gpart" on devices created on ZFS with "volmode=dev"?

    Most likely I'm missing something obvious, I thought this should be straight forward: # zfs create -V256G -o volmode=dev zroot/ubuntu # gpart create -s gpt /dev/zvol/zroot/ubuntu # gpart: arg0 'zvol/zroot/ubuntu': Invalid argument Then I used sysutils/gdisk, successfully created the...
  5. Micrified

    Correct placement of partitions for a dual-boot setup.

    Context I'm dual booting. I've got both operating systems installed on separate NVMe drives. The layout is as follows: root@system:~ # gpart show nda0 nda1 => 34 1953521664 nda0 GPT (932G) 34 2014 - free - (1.0M) 2048 204800 1 efi...
  6. grahamperrin

    Solved OpenZFS: peculiarity with a labelled cache device and an unexpected label

    At some point in time, my pool named Transcend began using a device reference instead of the previously specified label – gpt/cache-transcend – for its one cache device. Question Now, is there any way for the pool to begin using the label without loss of content of L2ARC? I assume that either...
  7. M

    Triple booting as UEFI with FreeBSD, Debian and Windows 10

    How can I do that? Anyone know? I use my disk as GPT. Windows 10, Debian 11 (GRUB) already exists as dual-boot, but I want to install FreeBSD next to it. How will I do? Thanks.
  8. B

    UFS GPT corrupt on guest drive after resize inside Virtualbox

    These are the steps taken to reproduce the error (host is Windows 10): Open Oracle Virtualbox and create a new virtual machine, FreeBSD 64 bits. Choose to add virtual drive later. Download prebuilt image disk "FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64.vhd". Attach the disk to the virtual machine. Start the...
  9. megarubber

    Solved FreeBSD can’t boot

    Hello everyone. I have a computer with Windows, Arch and Lubuntu and all these systems are booting from a Multi-Boot. Recently, I decided to download freebsd for some tests and decided to put the OS in my multi-boot. I allocated 20 GB, installed in UEFI/GPT and made 3 partitions from UFS...
  10. Y

    "Operating System Not Found" on ThinkPad G40

    Hello, I have an old IBM ThinkPad G40 with an mSATA to IDE adapter so I could use an SSD in the machine. The installation went just fine. However, when I boot the machine (from the drive), it says "Operating System Not Found". I'm not sure if this is related, but the BIOS does not have...
  11. B

    disks over 2TB in size

    Just wondering if it has been considered to not auto select dos for the disk if the disk is detected to be over 2TB? GPT works but it'd be nice to have it just work automatically?
  12. P

    [UEFI/GPT] [Dual-Boot] How to install FreeBSD (with ZFS) alongside another OS (sharing the same disk)

    Important notes: 1) This tutorial assumes you have the OS you want to dual-boot with already installed on your drive, and that you already have freed up some disk space. Essentially, you will be installing FreeBSD with root-on-ZFS on the remaining free space of the disk, instead of using the...
  13. mamrezo

    Install FreeBSD 13.0 alongside with other OS's on UEFI system via GRUB2 (Multiboot)

    Hi there, Nowadays, UEFI boot and multiboot is a matter for all of us. We have more storage, GPT let us have many primary partitions and after all, with a boot loader like GRUB you will do it, Have a system with a few OS for Gaming, Developing, Testing, Work, etc. Most setups end like this: 1...
  14. quamenzullo

    UFS Problems with growfs and corrupt GPT in a fresh VirtualBox FreeBSD guest

    Hello everyone, I downloaded the FreeBSD 12.1 vhd from official website and used it to create a guest FreeBSD in VirtualBox. When run at the first time, the kernel produced regularly error messages telling the disk was full. It was impossible to start the very first steps described in the...
  15. M

    Solved bsdinstall disables GPT identification for guided ZFS install

    When you install FreeBSD using the Auto ZFS option, GPT labels and GPT UUIDs are disabled in loader.conf: kern.geom.label.disk_ident.enable="0" kern.geom.label.gptid.enable="0" The only reference to labels being disabled that I could find is from a 5-year-old PC-BSD bug report complaining...
  16. dave

    ZFS ZFS Partition vs Whole Disk and Bootcode

    I have an old machine that runs on ZFS. I have just replaced one of the disks in a mirror. I used the whole disk, but the existing disk looks like it's partitioned. I replaced thie disk with a command like, sudo zfs replace zroot [id of old device] ada1 When I replaced the disk, I got a...
  17. spork

    UFS gpt and whole disk mirrors?

    In the pre-gpt days, this was possible and was a drop-dead simple way to create a mirror, even after the initial install. My understanding is that gpt and gmirror battle for the last sector of the disk for metadata, and therefore the gmirror method became more complex - you basically have to...
  18. D

    mountroot error 19 when using GPT label on GELI encrypted root on 12.0-Release

    Hello, I'm installing FreeBSD 12.0-Release and I'm using the Shell option in the installer to partition my disk by hand. I have a swap and a root partition. I'm using GPT label to label them, and GELI for the encryption. After completing the installation and rebooting the host, I'm asked for...
  19. Ekynox360

    Solved GPT disk on legacy BIOS

    Hello everyone! I'm wondering if it's possible to install FreeBSD 12.0 on a GPT disk but on a server whose firmware is not UEFI. I found this thread that says it's possible. Can you confirm this or even add more details? Thx
  20. J

    Does Freebsd support direct UEFI booting?

    The Freebsd Handbook, section 12.2 on the boot process, contains a note that seems to state that Freebsd does not support direct UEFI booting. The concern is that on our two Freebsd machines, the BIOS are set for UEFI. The note reads: Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks in advance.