1. covacat

    use i2c(8) to control 7 segment display via gpioiic

    i have an android tv box (arm h616) that has a 4 digit 7 segment display (plus some icons) im not sure what type of controller it has but from what i googled it seems that this controllers are controlled by bit banging 2 or more gpio pins the original android dtb looks like this fddis_dev {...
  2. Phishfry

    Cherry View GPIO Driver

    Does anybody here use the Cherrytrail GPIO driver named chvgpio ? It works with Z8000 Intel CPU. The UpBoard uses this CPU but I have had very bad experiences with this driver on Up Board. Like I have 4 out of 5 dead and it appears they die...
  3. Phishfry

    Buzzer on GPIO Pins

    I am back on this topic. How to get a buzzer on GPIO Pins. I know we have GPIO-LED for assigning pins as System LED. What about /dev/speaker. How can I make a piezo buzzer act as system speaker?
  4. Phishfry

    RPi CSI Camera Interface

    The RPi camera interface is popular on the Arm embedded boards but I don't hear anyone speak of them here? CSI-2 is newer standard and widespread. The only thing I can find for FreeBSD is this from...
  5. Phishfry

    BeagleBone U-Boot GPIO Command

    I have been experimenting with setting GPIO pin states in U-boot from the GPIO command. It works well. Beaglebone u-boot removed GPIO command from am335x_evm_defconfig. Been that way since 2021. Not sure why. To get the function back add this to...
  6. Phishfry

    How do you set your GPIO Pins at bootup?

    I am exploring ways to set my GPIO pins on boot. I have made a local.rc script setting my pins to their desired state. Researching the problem I looked at NetBSD and I like their solution.
  7. Phishfry

    GPIO Pin pad names

    Working with poorly documented Arm boards has made me pick up patterns in GPIO pin names. In short each gpiobus has 32 pins. Numbered 0-31. Multiple GPIO buses are commonly used. When trying to map a pin pad name to an unknown pin I use the source dtsi file. This maps pins to names. Running...
  8. Phishfry

    Using gpiolcd on a 16x2 LCD

    I am attempting to use Andriy's driver on a i2c controlled 16 Character LED with 2 Lines. The driver source is one file and I have copied it to a BeagleBone where I have a working i2c bus on /dev/iic1 I copied this source file into /usr/src/sys/dev/gpio/ on a...
  9. Phishfry

    GPIO Connections

    I am struggling to find a good interconnect method for GPIO to sensors. I bought all kinds of lures and hats plus capes. This one is my favorite so far but I dislike the phoenix connectors. They...
  10. Phishfry

    DHT11/22 Temp and Humidity Sensors

    I never realized we have a GPIO driver for DHT11/22 sensor. I was having problems compiling the DT Overlay. The FreeBSD manpage gives this: gpios = <&gpio5 15 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>; The...
  11. Phishfry

    RGB LED module script

    I am testing a 3 color LED module KY-016 commomly found in Arduino Sensor packages. I would like to see anyones scripts for GPIO LED's. I am using 3 GPIO Pins on RockPro64 for 6 colors. Header Pin 11,13,15 and Pin 9 for...
  12. Phishfry

    Setting up the new PWM driver

    Has anyone got PWM working on Intel GPIO? I see a new driver went into FreeBSD 13. Also a new pwmbus driver. I have BananaPi-M1 with PWM along with the UpBoard Z8350 showing PWM pins...
  13. Phishfry

    libmraa on FreeBSD

    I placed this in the Embedded Section because libmraa is a GPIO manipulation layer. Has anyone looked at porting libmraa to FreeBSD? Is it an impossible task due to GPIO device representations are so different between Linux and BSD's?
  14. Phishfry

    GPIO Flowmeter Project

    I have a friend who has a Distilled Water Store. They have self-refill stations for 5 Gallon plastic bottles. He is expanding and I thought a nice project would be a way to dispense 5 gallons with a flow decrease for the last 1/2 Gallon. The bottles need decreased flow at end due to neck of the...
  15. A

    Apollo Lake SoC GPIO Driver

    Hello, I'm trying to control some LEDs in my PCB board which uses an Apollo Lake SoC, and is running FreeBSD 12.3 Release. So far the FreeBSD is running fine, and I'm happy with it. My next step is to manage or control some LEDs on the board where I have their address (Export Value) or GPIO...
  16. Q

    gpioshutdown availability

    Some time ago, like several years, there was talk about a kernel module called gpioshutdown at which time it was said to be soon included in the kernel as a matter of course. I have not seen any more about it lately. Does anyone know definitively if it was ever included or not, and if not...
  17. Phishfry

    I2C on amd64

    I want to use some 2x16 or 4x20 LCD displays on my servers starting with my firewall. What is the best approach? There are USB interface LCD but I pefer i2c. Mainly because I plan to use sysutils/lcdproc and linux libusb can be troublesome. So I bought some i2c LCD to test with. What is the best...
  18. Phishfry

    Boards with PWM on FreeBSD

    PWM on FreeBSD. Many Arm boards offer PWM Pins. What boards do you use with PWM on FreeBSD? I believe PWM requires a driver and not all arm boards offer them. If a Board Support Package is provided it usually requires rework for FreeBSD. Know Working --------------------------------...
  19. Isoux

    GPIO API general (Orange Pi ... H3)

    Hello folks! I successfully installed armv7 RELEASE 13.0 GENERIC on my Orange Pi Pc Plus (AllWinner H3 SoC sunxi8). I set up LAN and DHCP so that I connect to the device via SSH. As for the use of a 40 pin GPIO connector, I have some experience with STM32 NUCLEO boards, but I do not how GPIO...
  20. Phishfry

    Banana Pi-M1 GPIO pin assignments

    I had to do some real work to get the FreeBSD GPIO pin numbers for Banana Pi -M1. It uses a 26Pin header identical to Pi 1. gpioctl shows 174 pins. I don't know why so many but I could not find the pins easily. So included is the chart I made for myself. Since BananaPi-M1 is so old I imagine...