game jam

  1. sidetone

    Game clones and similar games has an extensive list of opensource game clones. These are not all available on FreeBSD ports. Most of the games from are in ports. A few screenshots of clones and similar games running on...
  2. K

    Adapting a Games Jam

    Over the last few years at the University I have run some events known as "Game Jams" for the students. These have also become increasingly popular over recent events. For those of you who have not heard this term, it is basically a 24hr/48hr hackathon where the participants, either individually...
  3. A

    Game engines that could potentially be used to spark a FreeBSD gaming revolution

    These are some of the engines that I briefly checked out. The links lead to the part of the codetrees that contain OS specific support, not the root of the codetrees. There're many other engines, but I left out engines who either did not have code repositories online, were for specifically for...