freebsd 12.1

  1. Wamphyre

    BeastNgine: Engintron inspired web server stack for FreeBSD

    Hi, After 2 years of slow work, testing and debugging, today I present my project, BeastNgine. BeastNgine is an Engintron inspired implementation of Varnish, Nginx, Brotli, php-fpm, certbot and modsecurity for FreeBSD. With BeastNgine, you can simply deploy a complete, full blown and ready...
  2. rphanikrishna

    Solved IPFW for Unbound DNS resolver ipv4/v6

    Am trying to Build a Firewall for Unbound DNS resolver since a month and was not successful, solved almost all the configs except the IPFW rules, using FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p5 Below are my rule list NOTE: a.a.a.a , b.b.b.b, c.c.c.c and d.d.d.d are my ipv4 Public IP pools...
  3. F

    DNS Server not working ? FreeBSD 12.1

    Hello! I got stuck with FreeBSD DNS Server setup and I would like to get some help because I had an orview over configurations and everything it's fine. IP address: OVH failover with Firewall enabled with rule for enabling port 53 tcp/udp Software: FreeBSD 12.1 + bind913 What's wrong? My...
  4. A

    Plasma Desktop on Hyper-V

    Hello. I'm trying to get FreeBSD on virtual machine with modern Desltop GUI. I'm trying using Hyper-V instead of VirtualBox because of after update FreeBSD from 12.0 up to 12.1 the mouseclicks doesn't work anymore even with VB guest additions. I've install FreeBSD 12.0 on Hyper-V and upgrade it...
  5. L

    Install samba45 from ports end up with ldb deps error

    Installing tdb-1.4.2,1... ===> samba45-4.5.16_1 depends on package: tdb>=1.3.10 - found ===> Returning to build of samba45-4.5.16_1 ===> samba45-4.5.16_1 depends on package: ldb>=1.1.27 - not found ===> samba45-4.5.16_1 depends on package: ldb>=1.1.27 - not found *** Error code 1 Stop...
  6. andrewm659

    PXE Boot server

    I am trying to setup a PXE boot server so that I network install FreeBSD and Linux (redhat & centOS). I am doing this on FreeBSD 12.1 I am have FreeBSD setup on a server with ZFS-on-root using tftp-hpa. My question is - Do I have to have a NFS mount for booting FreeBSD? Can I make it a...
  7. vandykmarsu

    Solved Pihole DNS

    Hi dear BSD user's!! Have a big trouble with my Pihole, i can't add my Pi DNS as default nameserver. Running under FreeBSD 12.1 Stable Mate Desktop. Searching issue since 2 days, and nothing found to solve it! Works fine under Windows and Mac. Have any one some ideas? :oops:
  8. jakobbg

    ZFS 48TB ZFS, 64GB RAM, Ryzen 3900X for Plex 4k: What can be tuned/optimized?

    Hi all! I've got a new server which is going to work as a file server, web server and transcoding 4k content-oriented Plex server, all running on 4x 16TB Seagate X16 drives in RAID-Z. I'm just wondering about tuning. Swap, ZFS, stuff like that. What can be wise to change from defaults? Running...
  9. andrewm659

    Add second disk post install

    I have FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE installed on VMware ESX. I don't have VMWare tools running yet. However I am trying to add a second disk. Earlier today when I tried to run sade I got the following: root@pxe02:~ # sade Error opening terminal: tmux-256color. I also tried to use bsdinstall...
  10. myshkin

    How can I record audio?

    I have tried to record audio in many different ways. I have tried recording with obs-studio, simplescreenrecorder, and via ffmpeg. None of these methods work. Usually I tried to record from /dev/dsp3 but I also tried to record from /dev/dsp4 and all other outputs, but nothing works. Playing...
  11. myshkin

    Solved Unsolvable tearing on both nvidia and intel gpu.

    Good day, I first tried with a nvidia gtx 1050 and the standard nvidia-driver package. But I had a lot of tearing so I wanted to adjust the settings via nvidia-settings. The problem with the standard driver is that nvidia-settings do not open. So then I tried to configure the driver via a...
  12. B

    FreeBSD 12.1 Release Signed Checksum Signatures Good Signature but key expired.

    Hi All, When I verify the FreeBSD 12.1 Release signed checksum signature using gpg it say good signature but the key has expired. I tried it with -