1. A

    Business networks

    Hello, does anyone knows alternative chat networks or good discussion forums for business? any discussion forums references that contain marketplace? Thank you
  2. A

    Solved Syntax highlighting feature of Forums' CODE=c tag doesn't work

    It's not even a problem, but AFAIR output of [CODE=c] was colourful. Out of curiosity, PEBMAC or XenForo problem?
  3. Jose

    There's something odd with this thread It doesn't appear in my list of postings or reactions received in my profile. I also can't find it by scrolling through results under "What's new", but that may be just me being old.
  4. M

    Solved Can't access over VPN

    I am using Surfshark as my VPN provider and strangely I can not access for FreeBSD Forums when the VPN is active: Error message in (ungoogled-)Chromium: ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED Error message in Firefox: PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR Error message in Bromite (Android): ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED...
  5. Maelstorm

    Solved Character counter covers up text.

    When typing out long replies (for which I am known for), there is a character counter in the bottom right corner of the editing window. The problem is when I reach that point, the counter covers up the text so that I cannot see what I typed. I looked through the preferences and I didn't find...
  6. amiramix

    Bug in forum when posting to a thread: Firefox on FreeBSD

    Very often when I want to add a new post to an existing thread the Post Reply button doesn't reload the page. The page shows the "thinking" widget in the upper right corner and my post is still in the editing state. I need to reload the page manually. The post is being added but what I wrote is...
  7. amiramix

    Solved Help with

    I subscribed to and received a confirmation email with instruction: Welcome to the mailing list! To post to this list, send your message to: However, when I am trying to send an email I am getting an error...
  8. aragats

    No access to Forums

    There were so many discussions regarding similar issues. I've read them, but still cannot figure out what's happened recently that I cannot access Forums from my home network using various browsers. I've rebooted my modem to get a new IP. Also checked both old and new IPs with...