1. W


    Where would I post a request for something I would like included in the next release. Namely the ports and packages to access gfortran.
  2. W

    f77 fortran compiler

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get this on BSD 13? what programs would have to be installed?
  3. H

    Other Vector math library on FreeBSD

    I do a lot of scientific programming in Fortran, and would like to switch over from Linux to FreeBSD. I was doing some performance comparison between the two platforms and I noticed that FreeBSD doesn't seem to have its own vectorized math library... On Linux, gcc/gfortran will, with the...
  4. Maelstorm

    Solved Fortran Compiler

    I am currently looking for a Fortran 95 compiler for FreeBSD, but I can't seem to find one. Is there one available?
  5. A

    General specific Question

    Hi, I am regular Linux user and am planning to port my application to FreeBSD too. I began my programming career with Unix systems, and am still a no frill programmer. Now I have specific questions for the FreeBSD community. As per information I have read, I can install it on Intel I3 core...
  6. sidetone

    LLVM to get Fortran compiler that targets parallel GPUs in clusters

    Ars Technica Article... LLVM to get Fortran compiler that targets parallel GPUs in clusters: Nvidia and US National Labs will open source the results * Edited to add...
  7. estrabd

    Where the heck is Fortran?

    I am running 9.0 REL on an SMP system, and would like to run NASA's NPB's for OpenMP (using gcc 4.2.1), but I can't seem to locale gfortran(?) front-end. I'd *really* prefer to use the base-gcc if at all possible. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Brett
  8. jotawski

    mcnp: want to port this program from linux to freebsd

    hi sirs, as is said in the title, i do not know if i followed 'freebsd porter's handbook' , i can do such a porting from linux to freebsd or not, or if any one here could provide me a few informations on writing this port would be great. mcnp is a software for calculating shielding for...
  9. fender0107401

    How to specify parameter for gfortran?

    As we know, we can use make.conf specify something for c and c++. Now, I am compiling gnu_octave. :e My question is how to transfer my "cputype" and "optimization_level" to gfortran using /etc/make.conf.
  10. N

    lgfortran not found

    I recently updated my work computer from 6_3 to 7_1 (the full reinstall way). Everything runs correctly except for what seems like a problem building ports with gfortran. I'm trying to get a couple of numerical programs [R, numpy] to compile on my machine. I installed both gcc42 and gcc43 and...