1. apprentice

    C Need guidance for programming in C on FreeBSD

    System: FreeBSD 14 I'm new to FreeBSD, coming from Linux and have always used gcc. In FreeBSD so I can compile in C and C++ what should I use? Thanks.
  2. D

    Solved [Driver dev] : how to device_if.m

    Hi everybody, I'm experiencing my first driver dev. And I have this compil error : /usr/src/sys/sys/bus.h:743:10: fatal error: 'device_if.h' file not found How should I troubleshoot this, please ? Or how do I generate device_if.h from device_if.m ? Thanks a lot Cheers
  3. instalis

    How to build your own BSD distribution?

    Hello. I'm interested in building a BSD distribution. What tools are best to use? I have experience in compiling Linux distributions. :)
  4. srey

    Installing different version of dev packages (node, python, ruby, etc.) on freebsd

    Hi, As developper coming from Ubuntu, i'm using lots of different "package manager" for different langages... To manage the potential conflict that arrive with different version of langage and dependencies on the same system, this is more and more common to use "shim" redirection that help dev...
  5. F

    Linux binary vs FreeBSD binary

    I'm working on a project about recompiling Linux binaries to FreeBSD. No, I'm not talking about Linux binary compatibility. I want to do something different. I know FreeBSD and Linux are two different OSes, and it's very hard or maybe impossible to do something like that, but all fine... I will...
  6. B

    Cross-compile on FreeBSD PPC64 for OSX PPC(64)?

    If anyone has a practical experience, please advise me. I am a Mac user for past 20 years, and at the moment I am trying to build some modern open-source software to run on my G5 Quad under 10.6 PPC. Most of it does build (I use Macports for that). However some fail, including software that I...
  7. fel1x

    Do FreeBSD OS developers discuss before huge changes?

    When we summit patches the process is There is a bug on Someone creates a patch, and committers review it on When the patch seems okay, a committer commits a patch. However, if someone made a huge change, such as changing OS structure, adding shells and...
  8. golpemortal

    C Please help me with Qt issues

    I am new to Qt and I am confused as to how this works, please forgive me if this is a stupid question so here it is. I am running FreeBSD 13.0 and install all necessary packages for Qt 5 and I created a simple that found on the newly purchased book C++ GUI Programming with QT4 (Old) but I...
  9. F

    Why people uses cron job while kernel modules exist and why not services?

    1)Cron job: So cron job be able to run a process accordance with certain time intervals or whatever the desired shape is. It can be able to run most of file types or all type of languages probably. 2)Kernel module: Kernel module also runs with kernel on the background. Its main target is making...
  10. illumulli

    Where do I sign up?

    I have been using FreeBSD and tinkering with it for about 4 years now and I want to take on a bigger role in the community and really work on the FreeBSD operating system at a lower level in my free time to expand my skill sets. I know a little Assembly and am pretty versed in C. Any tips on...
  11. mehrdaddolatkhah

    Fresh User from Linux To FreeBSD Need Help

    Hey Guys, Freshly I start use FreeBSD, actually I dive on FreeBSD :D I need some software for android , kotlin and rust development, and a good virtualization package like virtualbox and genymotion on linux (I have some project that i must ready system for development ASAP), and some reference...
  12. P

    How to Use the FreeBSD Dashboard

    Hello all, I would like to contribute to dev projects through the FreeBSD dashboard ( I'm wondering if someone can help me get started? Thank you!
  13. A

    Cirrus-CI: Free FreeBSD CI testing for open-source projects

    Cirrus Labs has just released support for FreeBSD on their CI service. And they've made it free for OSS! Cirrus-CI is a cloud-based CI system for cloud-hosted software, much like Travis-CI, Appveyor, Circle-CI, etc. But it's the first* such system to support FreeBSD with no weird hacks...
  14. B

    Code process development

    This time I'm asking how to create, well, basically, code. I'm not mean a "hello world", I'm mean something alike the drivers, the programs, etc. All the things that conform the system. Just curiosity. Edit: Sorry, my english is reasonably good, but I hadn't repaired in that the title should be...
  15. Farhan Khan

    kgdb kernel module says no symbols found

    Hi all, I am working on a kernel module but am getting some unexpected code execution. Dtrace probes reveal that the kernel executes: "rtwn.ko`r88ee_init_bb+0x219" and then jumps somewhere that I did not expect. I would like to track down exactly which line that is. I compiled the module with...
  16. W

    Team City on FreeBSD

    Hey guys, I am willing use Team City and other JetBrains applications for personal and casual development of plugins to my blog and some apps also. The goal is have an remote development area available online, so I can access this space from any freelancer, university, lan-house, etc... I...
  17. Irah

    PF Porting SYN cookies implementation to PF module of FreeBSD

    I've been using the PF module for NATing/firewalling purposes (8 cores, 16 GB RAM hardware), it seems to be doing good under normal traffic. But during TCP SYN floods it suffers a lot. I want the SYNPROXY feature to get enabled dynamically as the traffic increases for that particular rule (based...
  18. Kubitz

    eMMC booting (installing to and booting FreeBSD from eMMC)

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased an Acer Aspire One "cloudbook" that has a 64gb Hynix eMMC part as it's internal disk. My goal is to make this a lightweight FreeBSD-only machine for travel and daily mobile computing. When trying an install of 10.1-RELEASE the eMMC device was not found and...
  19. S

    Introducing digital library initiative in Africa

    Hi All, I just wanted to take an opportunity to introduce a new project making use of *BSD in an international development context. The Tanzanian Digital Library Initiative makes use of FreeBSD in building digital libraries for use in resource-limited settings. We use mainly FreeBSD and...
  20. V

    What is the future of FreeBSD as desktop OS?

    Is there any general plan or some general ideas about future of FreeBSD for desktop use? What developers think about the future of FreeBSD as desktop OS? What is their future vision of FreeBSD for desktop use? Is the desktop part important part of development of FreeBSD?