1. meine

    Solved CWM not using entire display width in horizontal maximization

    I use x11-wm/cwm on a 15" display, set to 1024 x 768 pixels. When I toggle vertical maximization of a window CM-equal, it uses the full space from top to bottom. When I toggle horizontal maximization with CMS-equal 180 pixels on the right side are left free -- the window doesn't maximize to the...
  2. black_metal

    CWM Window Dragging Not Using My Screens Refresh-rate.

    Decided to give Cwm a shot, and one thing I notice right off the bat is it doesn't seem to utilize my screens full refresh-rate (144hz) when dragging windows across the screen. It's like a clunky 60hz. While this isn't a huge issue and I can obviously deal with it I wanted to ask if any Cwm...
  3. M

    CWM Any CWM users here? Which status bar do you use & best way to show VPN info?

    I'm tempted to give vermaden's FreeBSD Desktop Series a try, but with x11-wm/cwm instead of x11-wm/openbox as windows manager. I thought about the necessity of a status bar, but I can't really imagine having none and if only for date/time and network info. Having done some reading sticking to...
  4. S

    Solved CWM how to autostart applications?

    .xinitrc, .xwmrc or what?