1. J

    ctld trying to start before networking is configured

    Hi. I've just upgraded a 12.2-RELEASE system to 13.0-RELEASE, and during one of the reboots, I noticed that ctld was failing to start. Scrolling back through the boot messages on the console, I noticed that it was only after ctld tried to start that the network interfaces were configured...
  2. Alceatraz

    ctld : LUN creation warning: error opening

    Hello: I want use ctld to share a ZVOL as iSCSI target : root@test:~ # cat /etc/ctl.conf portal-group pg0 { discovery-auth-group no-authentication listen } target iqn.2017-10.vhost:test { auth-group no-authentication portal-group pg0 lun 0 { path...
  3. C

    ZFS Kernel panic after upgrading to 11.1

    Hello FreeBSD forum! I have a backup solution for some Windows Servers backed by some iSCSI zfs zvols I use ctld/ctladm to provision the disks to Windows, and I'm using: option pblocksize 0 option unmap on on ctld.conf. The FreeBSD box was originally a 11.0, after upgrading to...
  4. S

    Solved ctl fibre channel LUNs not seen by qlogic bios

    Hello, I configured CTL to provide fibre channel LUNS to other computers. Everything works perfectly : the LUNS are accessible to the initiators, they can be partitioned, formatted etc. But there is one exception. In the qlogic bios of the initiators, hitting enter at "Scan Fibre Devices"...
  5. Sir Wuffleton

    Solved Can FreeBSD Serve Tape Drives as iSCSI Targets?

    Some background on my environment and use case: I would like to share my LTO5 tape drive via iSCSI with a server that will be doing backups to tape, but having the tape drive in a more convenient location to switch out tapes. The FreeBSD box is running pfSense and acting as a router (however, I...