1. gotnull

    Dark Theme for Bugzilla, Manual Pages, Cgit.

    Hi, I've made two dark themes, one for Bugzilla and one for the Manual Pages. I am not a web designer so it's far from perfect, but at least it's not bright anymore and it feels more comfortable for my eyes. For those who are interested, instructions are in links below...
  2. gotnull

    Patch For The Forum's Dark Theme

    Hi, I noticed few quirks here and there while using the forum's dark theme, some of them are reported in this thread, so I tried to "fix" what I could. I made it for me initially but I thought it could benefit few people here also, so I put it online. Basically I simply changed colors of...
  3. grahamperrin

    Styling FreeBSD documentation (articles, books, wiki …)

    Can a user style move tables of contents to the left of articles? For use with e.g. Stylus. Thanks. <https://docs.freebsd.org/en/articles>
  4. NapoleonWils0n

    Firefox userContent.css Google search solarized colour scheme

    Firefox has the option to override the css of a domain by creating a userContent.css css stylesheet This allows us to apply our own custom css to a domain For instance changing the the white background on google.com to solarized dark colour scheme, to make things a little easier on the eyes...
  5. aragats

    RE: Announcement Significant forum upgrade

    So, danger@ , I have to reply in a new thread, sorry. Everything looks good, thanks. The only annoying thing is the inability to see selection of text when writing/replying a post. In other words, when I select own text to copy, its background color doesn't change. Checked in Firefox, Palemoon...
  6. zerophase

    I'm just a bit curious about website security.

    I'm asking this here since it's my understanding that the FreeBSD community knows some of the most about security. Me and a friend have been having a discussion if we should keep the code handling passwords and user account management (updating passwords, etc) on the server side vs letting...