1. RogellParadox

    Command only found with -su

    I was installing Julia in my fresh FreeBSD installation. I set the path at ~/.cshrc and finally entered source ~/.cshrc. The thing is: when I type "julia", terminal doesn't find it: $ julia sh: julia: not found But when I do the same command with su, it works. I tried checking the $PATH...
  2. Phishfry

    Solved csh history file

    I really like how well the autocompletion together with history works on the default FreeBSD csh shell. Wondering about the backup of command line history in .cshrc set history = 8000 set savehist = (8000 merge) So after 8000 commands it auto saves and starts a new .history file?
  3. athan

    Need help with key bindings in .cshrc

    I want to enable some common key bindings for t/csh on my dedicated server (freebsd 11 rel) but noticed some really weird behavior! Let me explain the situation. My .cshrc follows umask 22 set path = (/sbin /bin /usr/sbin /usr/bin /usr/local/sbin /usr/local/bin $HOME/bin) setenv EDITOR vi...
  4. M

    HOWTO: Color files by extension in tcsh

    A simple little hack (for tcsh) that allows ease of use when adding/removing/changing file colors based on file extension. Enjoy. # ~/.colors v0.99 for FreeBSD tcsh - [c]2012 Michael S. Sanders # SYNOPSIS: an enhancement of the tcsh builtin 'LS_COLORS' providing a # method of...
  5. rbelk

    Share your .tcshrc file

    I decieded to start this thread after reading the thread 'Which shell do you use?'. I'll start, mine is below. # .cshrc - csh resource script, read at beginning of execution by each shell # # # -- Set up command aliases alias searchports 'find /usr/ports -type f -name pkg-descr | xargs...