1. M

    FreeBSD 10.3 crashes with TL-WN851ND(AR9227)

    I recently bought this PCI wireless card for my PC, the device shows up when I run ifconfig. ifconfig ath0 ath0: flags=8802<BROADCAST,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 2290 ether ec:08:6b:a0:3d:1c nd6 options=21<PERFORMNUD,AUTO_LINKLOCAL> media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect...
  2. Y

    Thunderbird highly unstable after upgrade 38.7.1 -> 45.0_1

    Hi, since my machine was acting up until a second restart just now I'm not sure whether this is a general problem or not, so I thought I just ask here: Does anyone else see a massive increase in Thunderbird crashes after the upgrade from 38.7.1 to 45.0_1? Assertion failure...
  3. Kubitz

    Solved XServer crashes (seg fault at addr 0x0) when exiting

    Hello all, Been struggling with this one for the last few weeks and hope someone can help. New laptop with FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE crashes when exiting an X session. startx works and brings up an X session with keyboard and mouse working properly (fluxbox is the WM) however when I exit the UI...
  4. C

    freebsd hangs and then fine

    I have a FreeBSD system that just kind off crashed, the machine became partly unresponsive and i could exit X and when i started X again everything seems to be fine, but i have another machine connected to it by fiber that restarted because the disk did not respond. Feb 29 12:49:46 bsdserver...
  5. sidetone

    How to contribute improvements to FreeBSD

    FreeBSD Mailing Lists: To send an email to the FreeBSD mailing list, make sure your email is sent in plain text, as HTML and attachments are filtered out. A subscription is not required, but it will have to be moderated. If you're having problems sending to the mailing list, please test your...
  6. S

    smp tlb shootdown panic !!

    Hi, FreeBSD-10 was recently halted and we had to reboot it manually. Here is the only log we found on screen ( no crash dump - nothing in messages file ). Please guide !! Shahzaib
  7. S

    FreeBSD intermittent crash!

    Hi, We're new to FreeBSD as well as this forum, so please pardon me for any wrong here. We've switched to FreeBSD recently because of its improved ARC caching and asynchronous performance but so far our experience is not very good with it. It crashes every 2-3 days and we're unable to track...
  8. UncleBAZINGA

    Wine logs me out of X after quitting a game

    I have installed the concurrent version of emulators/i386-wine and so far Wine itself runs fine. I want to play the original Fallout via Wine and downloaded the current version from Installation went fine, but at the end of the installation it throws some strange error codes, but...
  9. dch

    Previously stable server reboots during jail usage

    This previously stable (2+ years) server has had 3 unexpected reboots in the last week, each time during jail-related work (creation, deletion, poudriere runs). zpool scrubs are clean, and there is no log or trace of a crash or error prior to any of the reboots. I'm considering a h/w issue but...