Solved How to find causes of app crashing silently, with no logs, no core dump?

Recently I have installed two applications, devel/tortoisehg/ and editors/linux-sublime3 that are failing silently.

When I launch them from the terminal, they just immediately return the shell prompt, with no error output, no logs, and no core dumps.

I tried them with KDE4 and XFCE, with same results (FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p9).

How could one find the causes of app failing silently, with no logs or error displayed?

I could not find anything related to this topic on the Handbook.
Thank you, that is helpful. I did not see that PR.

I did not know about Sublime's -w switch, which helps a little.

I was trying to avoid going into the gdb and truss route, but I guess one must know those tools too.

Thank you for the pointer.