1. sidetone

    Status of supported architectures

    32bit architectures were lowered to tier-2 support or removed. RISC-V and ARM architecture support was improved upstream. Sparc64 support was dropped, because it was the only architecture left not well supported by Clang. (From the latest issue of FreeBSD Journal.)...
  2. I

    "make buildworld" command to use multiple CPUs - possible?

    I notice that whenever I run make buildworld, it is using only a single CPU. Is it possible to make it use all the CPUs?
  3. vigole

    Thermal information, reported by Intel processors

    There's a comment in the BUGS section of the OpenBSD cpu(4) man page: I'm wondering, whether * It's an Intel-specific bug, and both FreeBSD and OpenBSD have the same problem. OR * It's an OpenBSD specific problem, thus it doesn't apply to FreeBSD.
  4. Mjölnir

    Solved How can I see the real CPU frequency in Turbo mode (max freq + 1)?

  5. M

    Get current CPU power consumption as a single reading

    On a 12.1-RELEASE system, I can use sysutils/powermon to display the current power use of the chosen CPU package. As per the powermon man page, "The powermon utility reads the CPU internal power counters, calculates the current power consumption and displays it on a nice curses interface." Is...
  6. F

    Single Thread Rating vs Multi Thread Rating

    Hello, guys! I'm totally noob about topic title, and I have one situation to get understood and solved. My hardware configuration: 2x E5-2450L 1.80 Ghz (2.30 Boosted) 96 GB RAM DDR3 ECC Samsung 860 EVO SSD My processes: Problem: There are between processes also auto-responders and they're...
  7. Leo L.

    Solved Intel NUC10 : Hardware support ?

    Hello, I'm planning to get an Intel NUC10i5FNK (https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/boards-kits/nuc/kits/nuc10i5fnk.html). But I was worried about this new hardware (especially CPU / GPU) supported by FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE ? CPU : Intel® Core™ i5-10210U Processor. Intel® UHD...
  8. Sergei_Shablovsky

    How FreeBSD utilize multicore processors and multi-CPU systems?

    Hi, FreeBSD guru! How FreeBSD utilize multicore processors in ONE CPU systems ? How FreeBSD utilize multicore processors in multi-CPU systems ?
  9. goshanecr

    What is the right approach to build ports with i386 CPU features on a 64bit machine?

    Good day! I have a far placed (in a village), old PC based on a Pentium-III. And I want to generate a simple FreeBSD based system on it. How I do that: 1. On my home PC (Ryzen based), I'm start Virtualbox instance with FreeBSD 12-RELEASE i386. 2. I add CPUTYPE?=pentium3 on /etc/make.conf 3. I...
  10. Nicola Mingotti

    Solved How to get CPU(s) load as in "top", in C

    Hi, I am porting a C program from Linux To FreeBSD (wmmon FYI) and I would like to know how i can get cpu(s) load as I can read them from "top" command. I found in other posts here sysctl dev.cpu but that me gives always 100%. I would need to get what "top" calls { "user", "system"...

    bhyve - CPU, vCPU, cores nad threads

    Hello! Can someone explain how it works? I mean the following kernel options with optimal configuration. hw.vmm.topology.cores_per_package hw.vmm.topology.threads_per_core I've got 2 physical CPU with 10 cores with HT. So the FreeBSD shows 40 - CPU0-CPU39. Actually I use FreeBSD OS as VM but...
  12. Vincent See

    Solved Intel Xeon X5550 and X5660 Bhyve

    Good morning everyone! I just got my X8DTT-F Dual CPU and Installed Intel X5550 on it, but when I install Iohyve it says I need a 5600 Series CPU UG Support needed ( VMX Unrestricted Mode ), and I'm eying on Intel X5660. What I'm confused about is, isn't 5500 series also supposed to be...
  13. jronald

    Does FreeBSD 11 support CPU N3150?

    Does FreeBSD 11 support CPU N3150?
  14. G

    Added 2nd CPU, not showing in sysctl

    Hi, I have a pfsense box which is running FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p5. It is virtualised and was having performance problems so I have shut it down, added a 2nd CPU and booted it back up again. I also increased the RAM to 1Gb. If I run sysctl hw I see hw.ncpu is still 1 and looking in dmesg I can...
  15. Maelstorm

    AMD sued over false advert claims regarding their bulldozer CPUs

    AMD is being sued over their bulldozer architecture processors over false advertisement. The suit claims that the 8-core FX-8000 series CPUs are really 4 cores. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3003113/components-processors/lawsuit-alleges-amds-bulldozer-cpus-arent-really-8-core-processors.html...