console fonts

  1. sidetone

    jbxvt terminal emulator: adding WM_CLASS and increasing/changing font?

    On other terminal emulators, I can use xprop together with grep to get their WM_CLASS. From that, I can add this value to .Xresources or .Xdefaults for adjusting fonts and other terminal properties. .xrdb .Xresources; xrdb -merge .Xresources (or .Xdefaults) would reset it. Nothing shows for...
  2. E

    Default font in Legacy Boot

    I don't like the default font when loading FreeBSD into UEFI, but I like the default font in Legacy Boot. But there is no default Legacy Boot font in /usr/share/vt/fonts. I found in /usr/src/sys/dev/vt/font/vt_font_default.c binary font data, which apparently is used in Legacy Boot. Is it...
  3. Sergei_Shablovsky

    How to solve local terminal output mess for btop (bpytop formerly) resource monitoring tool ?

    After changing screen resolution to more night (640x480 text -> 1600x1200 graphics), output from btop app (formerly bpytop on-screen real-time monitoring tool) look like mess (see attached screen photos). The same behavior for current btop app and for previous version - bpytop. Only one...
  4. 3301

    Using true-type fonts (converted to fnt) under vt

    Hi, I decided to use my freshly installed FreeBSD-12-STABLE only in "text" mode (cheap laptop, no drivers for touchpad). I manged to configure nice colors (solarized) but stuck with two things. One of them is font configuration. Currently I use default terminus font. The problem is that when...
  5. S

    Small fonts file suitable for boot console use with vt?

    My current system uses the smallest-displayed font file I've got, and switches to it during boot: allscreens_flags="-f vgarom-thin-8x16" It works fine, but it's still too large/wide for comfort. Unfortunately most threads mentioning fonts seem to focus on desktop environments, where quite a...
  6. M

    Locale and keymap creation for ga_IE.UTF-8 environments

    Before I start, I'm new to these forums. I've read the rules and the formatting guide but please be understanding if I get things wrong :) I did a lot of Web searching and forum/tutorial reading before posting. keymap-file-creation-for-turkish-f-layout.61460 covers similar ground, which is why...