1. aragats

    How to disable "vidconsole"?

    What am I missing? % cat /boot/loader.conf boot_multicons="NO" console="comconsole" boot_serial="YES" % conscontrol list Configured: ttyu1,ttyv0 Available: ttyu1,ttyv0 Muting: off I get boot messages on both ttyu1 and ttyv0. This is in BeagleBone Black, if it matters.
  2. S

    COM Port Cable Confusion

    I have been successfully connecting FreeBSD machines to Windows machines through the serial port and with the help of what I call "a serial COM port cable" and a USB-COMPORT adapter. I use putty since it is the simplest. On the FreeBSD machine, I have these lines present in the /boot/loader.conf...