How to disable "vidconsole"?

What am I missing?
% cat /boot/loader.conf

% conscontrol list
Configured: ttyu1,ttyv0
 Available: ttyu1,ttyv0
    Muting: off
I get boot messages on both ttyu1 and ttyv0.

This is in BeagleBone Black, if it matters.
I thought you said BBB is now using EFI. vidconsole setting is not valid on EFI.
If so then use efi for console:
Thanks, Phishfry, that's right, it does use EFI.
But I want to disable ttyv0, it's being used as console even when I use "comconsole,efi" or any other combination.
Well what about boot0 bootblock, doesn't it choose between serial console or vidconsole when dual console is set.
Does EFi use that mechanism or was that only Legacy BIOS.
what about boot0 bootblock
I believe boot0 and boot1 are not used on ARM platform since u-boot (with or wthout EFI) launches FreeBSD loader.
In am33xx-based systems you don't even need a boot partition, the CPU looks for MLO and u-boot.img in the space within 0...1MB of MMC drive. The only reason FreeBSD doesn't use such scheme is that u-boot doesn't support UFS, thus cannot load any binary from it.
I think this thread gives more options to try. I didn't consider "mute" since I want to monitor my serial console.