1. Buck

    Other Bayes classifier with learning ability a la spamassassin's?

    Hi folks. Looking for a bayes classifier that would work on pieces of small text that either exists as a port (feeding text to it via CLI) or a PHP solution. The idea is that I pipe a piece of text to it, then manually assign some pre-set tags (like e.g. 'junk', 'helpful', 'question') in the...
  2. freezr

    Solved [HELP] Running commands after login (Fish Shell)

    Hi folks, I am sorry for this noob question, but I am pretty novice to FreeBSD and I couldn't find a clear answer but another thread on this same forum, also I guess cross-posting is forbidden. From that post I read that is recommended modifying a file called ".login". I did the changes but...
  3. Dogers

    Solved Suggestions for a calendar software.

    Greetings to everyone. I was a long time user of google calendar. But I recently encountered some issue with. Indeed I lost all my data linked to my google calendar due to some bug in the app. Hopefully it was not a crucial lost, I mostly use calendar as a lifesaver in case I forgot an...
  4. N

    ABNT2 Keyboard

    Hi, im new here (and with Freebsd), and I'm having trouble making my keyboard (br abnt2) work and my cli show characters like "ã". keybord shorcuts like alt + q to "/" and alt + w to "?" don't work. my /etc/rc.conf have: keymap="br.kbd" my: /boot/loader.conf have: kern.vty="vt" i edited...
  5. reddy

    (Bind Nameserver) Looking For CLI Tool to Ease Management of Zone Files

    I would like to set up an authoritative DNS server using BIND for corporate use. I find the syntax of the zone files quite verbose so I am wondering if someone is aware of a CLI tool that somehow eases the management of these zone files. Any idea or pointer would be greatly appreciated 😀
  6. vermaden

    HOWTO: Ghost in the Shell - Part 3

    I would like to share HOWTO in Ghost in the Shell series about efficient working in the UNIX shell environment. Ghost in the Shell - Part 3 Regards, vermaden
  7. aragats

    Octave mess

    I'm trying to build math/octave in FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p7. I don't need GUI, however, there is no config option to skip it. Why? The building process depends on TeX files, which means I have to install at least 1GB (up to 3GB!) of unneeded stuff. I tried Octave binary package first, but...