1. K

    Other Blank screen when starting window manager

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to breath some life into an old Macbook: $ inxi CPU: dual core Intel Core2 Duo P7350 (-MCP-) speed: 1990 MHz OS: FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE amd64 Up: 3h 6m Mem: 278.1/1739.0 MiB (16.0) Storage: 232.89 GiB (3.5% used) Procs: 51 Shell: sh inxi: 3.3.11 $ inxi -G Graphics...
  2. poorandunlucky

    Other Cinnamon: Access denied (DRI); Cannot find driver r600; Xorg doesn't load.

    Hello, so I'm pretty happy with X so far, I managed to get a fair bit ahead... it's using the Radeon driver on my FirePro M7820 quite nicely (the FirePro drivers were merged with the Radeon drivers a few years ago even on Windows, it's detected as Juniper). I installed Clover for OpenCL, which...
  3. poorandunlucky

    Cinnamon can't find themes after install

    So I just built cinnamon from the ports tree, and on first start, it says "could not find theme file in..." add them it lists the themes in /share, and right now it's the only desktop environment... it's a new installation, there's just Xorg on it, and twm, that's it. I built cinnamon, it...
  4. Rand0m

    Other is Cinnamon port borken on FreeBSD 11?

    I tried both install Cinnamon from as binary from the pkgs and build it from ports, added the rc exec cinnamon session in .xinitrc and enabled the dbus, hald and slim. Yet once I login it gives me a message cinnamon crashed and if I want to try again and keep crashing.. I am using the port...
  5. O

    Cinnamon just crashed you are currently running in Fallback Mode

    I install FreeBSD with Cinnamon Desktop , but in startx I see This message: cinnamon just crashed you are currently running in Fallback Mode , do you want to restart cinnamon? Please help me. my Laptop Config : Intel i5 ATI radeon Carte Graphique I install the system, after system reboot, I...
  6. P

    Other Cinnamon locks me out

    I have Cinnamon and Gnome installed, Cinnamon is set as default. I'm able to login normally using my user password but when I leave it idling for some time till the screen goes black, the DE locks itself and requires re entering the password, when I try using my user password that I used to...
  7. stig

    Other Cinnamon screensaver doesn't unlock

    Hi everyone. I am experiencing a problem with the screensaver in x11-wm/cinnamon. The problem is that the screensaver will not unlock when I put in my password, instead it says 'Incorrect password'. Does anyone have the same problem, and hopeful a solution, or is it just me? Regards Stig PS...
  8. AntumDeluge

    Solved Cinnamon: Crashes At Login

    Sorry, wasn't sure if this should go in "X.Org" or "Window Managers" forum. Recently I was trying to get the Logout/Shutdown dialog in Cinnamon to work correctly. After logging out into XDM via the dialog, Cinnamon immediately crashed after trying to log back in. The desktop background...