1. Cath O'Deray

    Solved OpenZFS: peculiarity with a labelled cache device and an unexpected label

    At some point in time, my pool named Transcend began using a device reference instead of the previously specified label – gpt/cache-transcend – for its one cache device. Question Now, is there any way for the pool to begin using the label without loss of content of L2ARC? I assume that either...
  2. Sergei_Shablovsky

    PF How BSD pf performance depend on CPU frequency, L2/L3 cache size

    Hi, hardware gurus! How exactly BSD pf performance (in matter of low latency, high PPS, etc) depend on bus frequency, main CPU frequency and L2/L3 cache size in multi-package (mean physical multi-CPU, like Intel E5500/5600, E5-2000 series) server systems that intend working as border firewall...
  3. E

    Solved Enlightenment application menu icons missing due to efreetd crashing

    Hello to anybody having issues with Enlightenment menu icons missing or disappearing. When I say menu, this will most obviously be the application menu missing some or all of it's application icons. The other symptom is that a message pops up just after login, mentioning failure to connect to...
  4. C

    Squid cache on RAM drive: good thing and possible?

    Hello all, my FreeBSD 11.4 box is working as a firewall (3 lan segments), dhcp/dns server and caching proxy with URL filtering (squid with squidGuard). This is on "plain" hardware: just a i5 4570 with a single HDD. The 8gb squid cache is on a separate 10Gb partition, to minimize UFS...
  5. PacketMan

    How to shutdown/reboot the cleanest possible way

    This, from a different discussion, reminded me that I wanted to ask a question ages ago, but never got around to asking. A long time ago I did a basic UNIX course, on System V I think it was, and the instructor said "do a sync before you shutdown, this will ensure disk cache is written out"...
  6. S

    Sendfile(2) FreeBSD Netflix

    Hi, Hopes everybody is doing great here. My question was related to newly developed Sendfile(2) by Netflix specifically for Nginx on FreeBSD only. Is this already enabled in all FreeBSD systems or we need to recompile kernel to obtain sendfile(2) feature ? The more read is here ...
  7. mezantrop

    Other FreeBSD based dual-controller reliable storage system concept

    Hello guys, I'm working on the FreeBSD based dual-controller reliable storage system concept with aim to implement ZFS and in-memory cache. Fell free to discuss. The system is needed to be tested. So any help will be great!