1. grahamperrin@

    FreeBSD workflow working group

    FYI: https://gitlab.com/bsdimp/freebsd-workflow Pleasantly exciting: I don't know enough about GitLab, although I'm a user. Certainly, I welcome use of GitHub.
  2. Geezer

    PR the PR. Is it worth it?

    I did submit a PR (about the chromium port), but the actual process of doing the PR was almost too difficult for me. The form seems quite simple and straight forward. There are only a few fields to fill in. Two of these are Component: and Version:. I spent ages trying to fill in these...
  3. Mjölnir

    Managing sets of patches (through profiles) using build managers

    This is a continuation of a discussion that went off-topic. See also this post ff. Snurg & me then had a PM discussion (in german) on the topic, drop a note to get invited (PMs are not visible for other's), we can switch to english. We welcome any valuable feedback & ideas. Let's start to...
  4. Snurg

    Solved Please, assist me in correctly wording a PR to get a 12-year-old kernel module bug fixed!

    Since its introduction in 2009, the vesa.ko kernel module contains a bug, presumably of the category "use of uninitialized data structures". This bug prevents the system resuming correctly on systems with nvidia graphics card and using the sc console in text mode. To build+install a custom...
  5. A

    Solved What's your favourite tool to keep track of FreeBSD Bugzilla?

    There are different types of tools, to keep us informed about recent activities on the FreeBSD Bugzilla. What's your favourite one? Bugzilla web interface: https://bugs.freebsd.org/ Mailing List: freebsd-bugs@freebsd.org Mailing List web interface...