1. C

    USB keyboard won't work, FreeBSD and BIOS

    When I booted FreeBSD my USB keyboard wouldn't work. Num Lock light was on and wouldn't respond to Num Lock toggle presses. Unplugging and plugging the USB keyboard back just produced the same situation, Num Lock diode stuck in on mode, nothing working. So I stopped using FreeBSD as my desktop...
  2. razetime

    FreeBSD bootable media not working on Dell Vostro 16 5630 laptop

    I did some prior reading about dell laptops which was not applicable here: Laptop information: System Manufacturer: Dell Inc. System Model: Vostro...
  3. startxd

    APCI errors, I need help!

    dmesg | grep "Error" output: Firmware Error (ACPI): Failure creating named object [\134_SB.PC00.PEG0.PEGP._DSD], AE_ALREADY_EXISTS (201113/dswload2-480) ACPI Error: AE_ALREADY_EXISTS, During name lookup/catalog (20201113/psobject-372) ACPI Error: No handler for Region [EC__] (0xfffff80001bf8d80)...
  4. ziomario

    qemu How to virtualize FreeBSD 13.2 on Windows 11 with qemu-kvm and the whpx hypervisor.

    Hello to every FreeBSD lover. I would like to virtualize FreeBSD on Windows 11 wth qemu-kvm (for Windows) using the Hyper-V hypervisor (if I don't make a mistake it should be "-accel whpx"). The idea comes to my mind because at the beginning I found this nice article and I wanted to emulate...
  5. O

    Problem booting NanoBSD from USB flash drive

    Hello, For years, since FreeBSD 10.x, I have been booting my router with a custom built nanobsd image, from a USB Flash drive. It has worked fine with a motherboard having an Intel Atom N270 CPU, then until now, with another motherboard having an Intel Atom N2800 CPU. My nanobsd image is based...
  6. V

    Installing FreeBSD: Auto (ZFS) + MBR (BIOS) = "Missing operating system"

    Hello. Trying to install FreeBSD 13.1-Release (FreeBSD-13.1-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso) with configuration: Partitioning: Auto (ZFS) Partition Scheme: MBR (BIOS) Pool Type/Disks: stripe: 1 disk And I found that after the first reboot the system does not boot and a message is displayed: "Missing...
  7. F

    Solved UEFI only laptop and FreeBSD

    Hey everyone, I am trying to boot up FreeBSD on a UEFI only laptop and failed so far. Here is some backstory I am a long time Linux user and wanted to try out FreeBSD as a desktop OS. I plugged in my second hard drive and passed it through a kvm machine then installed FreeBSD and all that jazz...
  8. Sivan!

    Solved Desktop login loop in xfce and kde

    After an abrupt power disruption, freebsd 13.0 got into an xfce login loop; When I tried to select a different hard drive from BIOS with Ubuntu, the boot process went into disk 0, disk 1, disk 2 selection process which fell back to the same freebsd nvme with the login loop issue. I have also...
  9. I

    Can't boot up a machine with replaced memory cards

    I bought and replaced some new memory cards (PC4-25600) for a notebook PC (NEC, purchased in Japan) already running FreeBSD. The RAM cards fitted perfected into the slots. However, upon turning on, FreeBSD does not boot up and the screen is blank. I don't think it is even getting through the...
  10. M

    FreeBSD does not boot after installing on external USB Hard Disk

    I wanted to try FreeBSD. As my internal SSD NVMe disk is already occupied by Linux installation I have installed FreeBSD on an external USB SSD Hard Disk. The installation setup is shown in the picture. The installation process went smooth without any problems. After installation I have...
  11. M

    can't boot HP xw9400

    On my HP xw9400, when I boot from a stick with FreeBSD-12.1-RELEASE-amd64, I get a list as follows BIOS drive C: is disk0 through BIOS drive H: is disk5 | Then it hangs at the vertical bar. Why might this be?
  12. T

    Solved FreeBSD Installer Only Visible on 1/8th of the Screen

    Hello, I am trying to install FreeBSD for the first time. I burned this ISO from the FreeBSD ftp and burned it using Windows Disk Image Burner to my Windows computer's DVD drive. I then booted it onto my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (1st Gen) using a Dell external DVD drive. I reach the bootloader...
  13. Izlude

    Can't boot unless I disable RapidStorageTech in BIOS

    Mobo: Aorus Gaming 7 z370 Dual boot Win10 and FreeBSD on separate drives. Win10 is in an Optane/iRST config, so it's enabled in the BIOS. When I want to boot into FreeBSD, I find that the only way to do so is disabling iRST, otherwise this happens during boot: nvme_ctrlr_start_config_hook...
  14. M

    What is it with TPM (Trusted Platform Module) preventing resume from suspend-to-RAM?

    Interestingly I have been struck by the same issue that is always only referenced for ThinkPad users, although I don't have a ThinkPad but a Clevo N130WU (which is quite a common laptop known around the world under different brands). I could only get resume from suspend-to-RAM working by first...
  15. Hornpipe2

    Solved ACPI Error: "Excess arguments - ASL declared 5, ACPI requires 4"

    I fixed an ACPI problem with an old motherboard. Here, I document the steps I used to repair it: Trying FreeBSD 12.0 on an old Pentium 4 machine, with Intel D915GAV motherboard, latest BIOS version. Everything seems to be working OK except that I have an ACPI error report in dmesg on boot...
  16. Ekynox360

    Solved GPT disk on legacy BIOS

    Hello everyone! I'm wondering if it's possible to install FreeBSD 12.0 on a GPT disk but on a server whose firmware is not UEFI. I found this thread that says it's possible. Can you confirm this or even add more details? Thx
  17. EoflaOE

    Non-system disk on non-UEFI systems when booting from USB

    I would like to try FreeBSD after I tried out Linux. I have tested FreeBSD earlier on VirtualBox, and it succeeded. I have created my FreeBSD USB using dd as my first attempt on Kali Linux, following the tutorial. I have used FreeBSD-13.0-CURRENT 2019/2/28 memstick.img as my release for testing...
  18. A

    FreeBSD friendly Motherboard compatible with Coreboot

    Hello, from this list: and from column "F": "Board supported by [ flashrom] (Y/N)?" only the ones which say "Y" ( so that i can flash the BIOS via software using flashrom), what are the best freebsd friendly boards?
  19. clawhammer

    advanced bios settings help

    I found this It states that in the desktop bios I can disable the integrated intel graphics. Is this tied into the windows os? because I can only get basic bios settings with the delete key. It mentions...
  20. F

    Solved system stuck on bios splash after reboot only

    Firstly, I couldn't find an answer for this specific problem, so I apologize when this is a common problem. Recently I installed FreeBSD again on a new laptop (Thinkpad T470 20HES2SF00). On my desktop, the OS runs without problems with Xorg. I have chosen FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT for that, because...