1. E

    No FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE for Beaglebone

    Release errata [2020-10-27] A regression was discovered with the FreeBSD/armv7 BEAGLEBONE images where SD card I/O takes an excessive amount of time. As such, there are no BEAGLEBONE images for this release. I can't find a bug for this in, should I open one?
  2. aragats

    How to disable "vidconsole"?

    What am I missing? % cat /boot/loader.conf boot_multicons="NO" console="comconsole" boot_serial="YES" % conscontrol list Configured: ttyu1,ttyv0 Available: ttyu1,ttyv0 Muting: off I get boot messages on both ttyu1 and ttyv0. This is in BeagleBone Black, if it matters.
  3. aragats

    Solved How to use LCD with BeagleBone?

    This is not about X. In general. For example, how to get console on LCD? When running the official FreeBSD 12.0 for BeagleBone I see: % grep fb0 /var/run/dmesg.boot fb0: <AM335x LCD controller> mem 0x4830e000-0x4830efff irq 43 on simplebus0 But there is no such device node. Am I missing something?
  4. aragats

    Older version of a port?

    Is it possible to get an older version of a port? I'll explain why I need it. I built sysutils/u-boot-beaglebone and discovered an issue when I use it with BeagleBone Black. I checked the version: now it's u-boot-2019.04. However, the official FreeBSD 12.0 image for the BBB comes with...
  5. aragats

    U-boot, EFI and device tree

    FreeBSD 12 for ARM comes with EFI/BOOT/bootarm.efi on FAT partition. It works fine with the main line u-boot, which is great. However, it's very critical to FDT (.dtb*) files, if doesn't like it, it gets stuck atKernel entry at 0x... .... relocation_offset 0We have device tree sources (.dts...
  6. Nicola Mingotti

    how to fix PWM tunable name to ehrpwm.1

    Hi, In my Beablebone Black, FreeBSD-12, i created two overlays, pwm.dtso and pwm1.dtso. They enable the PWM pin p9.21, p9.22 and respectively p9.14, p9.16. DTSO files are below. If I load both the DTBOs at boot I see correctly ehrpwm.0 and ehrpwm.1, associated to the correct pins. But, if i...
  7. aragats

    Solved Default serial console to login?

    How to change the default serial console? I couldn't find any reference. In my case (BeagleBone Black) the boot messages and login prompt go to /dev/ttyu0. With the peripherals I use that port is not accessible, and I'd like to use /dev/ttyu1 instead. I don't care much about boot messages, but I...
  8. Nicola Mingotti

    Is I2C working in BBB ?

    Hi, I am struggling to connect Adafruit MCP9808 to my BeagleBone Black, FreeBSD 12. I thought it would have been a pice of cake to configure it, instead I got stuck. I see the device: #> i2c -s -f /dev/iic1 => 18 # that is correct But I can't comunicate at all with it via i2c command...
  9. Nicola Mingotti

    Autoconfigure ue0 on device connection

    Hi guys, Finally I had a day free to do some first tests with my new BeagleBone(s) Green. I did not change the OS on the BBG for now. I want to make some tests with Grove stuff on Linux first. When I first connect the BBG to FreeBSD-11.1 via usb, FreeBSD correctly shows me in dmesg urndis0 on...
  10. J

    How to handle dts overlay's for beglebone black

    Hello, At work an electrical engineer wants to use the beaglebone black. He uses a dts overlay. I pointed him to FreeBSD and he likes the idea using that. My question is: How do I handle the overlay in FreeBSD. If I am correct the overlay handling is not the same as in Linux. Do I have to...
  11. J

    How to enable the PRU's on the Beaglebone black?

    I want to use the PRU's with FreeBSD on the BeagleBone black version: # uname -a FreeBSD beaglebone 12.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT #0 r319859: Tue Jun 13 00:26:37 UTC 2017 arm I installed pructl with pkg. #...
  12. j4ck

    Cross compiling a specific module for BBB

    How can I cross compile a specific driver for BeagleBone Black (BBB). e.g. /usr/src/sys/modules/usb/smsc/? I tried make TARGET_ARCH=armv6 but I found out that this is not correct. Am I missing something?