1. helmet1080

    Other AMD/ATI HD 4250 series goes slow

    Hi. I installed Awesome as a desktop manager, and it's working bad. When I installed KDE Plasma, all behaved as expected. I installed kde5, sddm; did the respective configurations, and installed xorg. And worked just fine. Now I don't know what's wrong with the awesome desktop. I added my user...
  2. P

    Solved Firefox Crashses X Server

    Hello, I've been using FreeBSD for many years now on my servers, but I decided to try it out on my ThinkPad x220 with a desktop environment. I have setup Xorg on my machine, and I'm currently using awesome wm. I'm trying to configure awesome wm (i.e. setting up new keybinds, changing themes)...
  3. M

    Other awesome wm & conky-awesome issue

    All, I am using awesome since ~ 6 months - excellent. However, trying to use conky-awesome gives me following errors: ..."no such configuration: 'alignment'..." is simply ignored. CPU usage for example is shown correctly, but in the main screen and not in the designed bottom panel on awesome...
  4. R

    How the hell do you use awesome?

    I can't stand people who claim their thing is so well documented when it's not. I read all the awesome documentation and after spending almost a whole day with this frustrating thing I can't even get a simple application to run. I can type firefox3 from the terminal and it runs but I can't...