1. G

    System Locks Up When Running X Server

    Hello, I'm attempting to run an X server on my laptop running FreeBSD 13.2, but I encounter a blank VT with a cursor in the top left corner when starting it. The system appears to be completely unresponsive when I do this. Power button, CTRL+ALT+F1, etc. don't do anything. I've installed the...
  2. D

    Drivers Mobility Radeon HD 4850 for an imac 11.1.

    Who can tell me how I can get the drivers of an AMD/ATI mobility radeon hd 4850 for an imac 11.1?. The ati drivers work I get the screen black. Thanks a lot.
  3. Y

    Mobility Radeon 5000 status?

    Guys need your help, I'm buying a laptop with GPU based on Mobility Radeon 5000, it says in the table with the driver that it is not supported, but how did I understand this /) can be a solution to the problem, I...
  4. sidetone

    Solved Switch between ATI and VESA drivers?

    My video hardware is in the APU, and it is ATI R7. How would I disable ATI hardware, and use VESA, or my supported (Radeon) videocard? (which my supported videocard doesn't show in dmesg output) I unset the ATI driver option in xorg-drivers, and tinkering with the BIOS settings, but I got a...
  5. W

    Will FreeBSD work well with ATI graphics?

    I have read that FreeBSD does not have much ATI support. I am thinking about install FreeBSD on a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Socket AM3+ mATX 760G AMD Motherboard. I think the graphics are ATI Hybrid CrossFireX. Any idea if FreeBSD will work well with this?
  6. uzsolt

    xf86-video-ati update

    I used the x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati-ums to use Xorg. My laptop is a little old (but it works ;) ) and my graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD4570. With this package I can use ClockGating and DynamicPM so my card doesn't overheat. After xorg update I should replace the ums driver to the "normal"...
  7. V

    Is there any new information about Radeon HD 7800 support?

    Maybe there is any new information about the state of support of Radeon HD 7800 graphic card? When it will be fully supported?