1. hishnik

    Solved Install package to Installation ISO environment?

    Hello. I'm trying to make custom FreeBSD install on VPS from installation ISO. All installation steps are available in ansible playbook, but it needs python interpreter installed. That's how I run sshd there: #!/bin/sh mkdir /tmp/etc mount_unionfs /tmp/etc /etc echo...
  2. rootbert

    ansible builtin service module problems with FreeBSD

    maybe someone can help me out with the issue I am having with the ansible.builtin.service module: with most services (like nginx, postfix, postgres, ntp, samba etc.) it works as expected, however, I have experienced problems with opensearch, graylog (both java based), zrepl and gitea. All four...
  3. subnetspider

    jails How to best automate creation and management of Jails?

    I'm learning ansible and bastille to introduce some level of automation to my homelab and to use jails instead of FreeBSD VMs for my services. At the moment I manually create thick VNET jails with bastille and then set up my services with ansible where each jail is treated as a separate host...
  4. srey

    Routing Bastille Jails with loopback (bastille0) strategy to Tailscale Network

    Hi ! I'm a Ubuntu user from long time, but i choose freebsd for my homelab, because stability, security, learning, but also jumping into new rabbit hole during summer ... :) I resume my objectives into one big schema with (false) ip to represent routing. In two words i have : - one machine...
  5. E

    Ansible semaphore

    I wanted to try out net-mgmt/semaphore from ports, so I spun up a VM and installed from binary pkg. After running semaphore -setup I can start the service, but if I open the URL I just get a 404 Not found. I get the feeling that something is missing from the installation, but I haven't found it...
  6. M

    Ansible error py37-supervisor have been found in the repositories

    My ansible role looks like this: --- - name: Download supervisord pkgng: name: - py37-supervisor state: present After executing this role, it returns fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "failed to install py37-supervisor: ", "stderr": "pkg: No packages...
  7. T

    Solved how do you tell pkg upgrade to do "all installed packages" with ansible?

    I would like to use ansible also to upgrade all installed packages on a host. Checking ansible's documentation for pkgng, it looks easy enough, so I created this little playbook: tingo@kg-core2$ cat fbsd-pkg-upgrade.yml # upgrade all installed packages - hosts: all roles: - fbsd-upgrade...
  8. tommiie

    pkg upgrade itself automatically

    I want to configure my FreeBSD virtual machine with Ansible but run into the following issue: >vagrant provision ==> white: Running provisioner: ansible_local... white: Installing Ansible... The following SSH command responded with a non-zero exit status. Vagrant assumes that this means the...