1. patpro

    Solved linuxulator and FreeBSD ACL

    Hello I’ve setup a Linux (Devuan) chroot environment on my FreeBSD 13.x server. I’m using nullfs to mount few ZFS filesystems inside the chroot. One of these FS has ACLs,that the linux part seems unable to see: # grep /var/log /etc/fstab /var/log /compat/devuan01/var/hostlog...
  2. goshanecr

    ZFS Increase maximum 127 of ACL entries

    Hi Friends! I'm built a ZFS+Samba+ACL+AD scheme for using at work. All works, but I'm found that maximum ACL entries on FS item are 127. Since my scheme uses final AD-users, not groups - I see that this limit can be theoretically a problem for me. So can this maximum be extended? And if not...
  3. patpro

    ZFS trouble with ACLs (setfacl)

    Hello, I'm trying to give a user (splunk) read access to everything inside /var/log. I've set some ACLs but it's not enough: # getfacl /var/log # file: /var/log # owner: root # group: wheel group:splunk:r-----a-R-c---:fd-----:allow owner@:rwxp--aARWcCos:-------:allow...
  4. Buck

    Properly setting scp permissions for www and user access

    I need to set up permissions properly on a web folder for two users and apache's www user. The hierarchy looks like so: /var/www/ contains several folders for several websites managed by user1. /var/www/special/ contains a special website folder managed by user2. Therefore, I need user1 to be...
  5. P

    Samba - ACL permissions

    I am running Samba 4.6 on FreeBSD 11 with ZFS. Each user belongs to the fileserver group. In addition, there are additional groups for each department, such as sales group. And here comes my problem. On the server is a folder called sales. Which is owned by fileserver and the group sales. Why...
  6. S

    NFSV4 share on ZFS using Access list

    Hi all, I'm on FreeBSD11. I have some trouble with ZFS and NFSV4. I have a pool on my server. # zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT pool1 484K 1.76T 160K /pool1 ee /etc/exports is: V4:/pool1/ -sec=sys -network x.x.x -mask x.x.x.x I have some folders in my pool and...
  7. pming

    Solved Directory owner can not access directory

    So the last few days I had lots of trouble trying to set up my host as a domain member with samba4, eventually I gave up and tried to run it as a standalone server. But even then, I would get "Permission denied" or "Access denied" both on my MacBook and Windows 10 PC. I have set up a ZFS...
  8. patpro

    ACLs on ZFS? Preventing "all pass" for user www

    Hi all, It can happen that a web site is compromised, then the apache user (www) is exploited by the hacker to perform other tasks on the server. In order to slow the blackhat down, I would like to prevent www to access large portion of the filesystem. I don't want to setup a Jail, nor a...