zroot Errata for 11.1 on amd64

deleted, read something and got it wrong due to lack of coffee.

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I just found this little note in the errata for the 11.1-RELEASE:

  • [2017-07-25] A late issue was discovered with FreeBSD/arm64 and "root on ZFS" installations where the root ZFS pool would fail to be located.

    There currently is no workaround.

What I do not get from that statement is wether this is a rare bug or one that affects many/all installs. So my question to those who already updated a zroot based system: how did it go?


This is clearly an issue with ARM64 architecture not with AMD64 as written in the title of your post.
The essential base of users is i386 and amd64
As today I don't see any "panic" in the forum, there are just some specific issues with this upgrade

And I'm not sure that ARM64 users runs a lot ZFS as ZFS needs some resources, much more than UFS.