Other XFS support no longer available?

IIRC the XFS support was removed in 10-CURRENT before the FreeBSD 10.0 release because nobody implemented the locking improvements required to keep up with the VFS changes between FreeBSD 9 and 10. The XFS support was always a read-only hack to import data once and ease data migration.
Also, it could panic the machine when unmounting the file system.

As a solution, you may try to install some small virtual machine in VirtualBox, make the host file system available as a whole tree and then in the VM (running some minimal Linux), you mount the device file. Since the device file is not inside the Linux kernel, you may need to use some loopback mount. Then copy your stuff. I'm interested if that works, but have no setup handy to test this at the moment.
He could pass the device through to a linux guest (via the hypervisor or via iSCSI) and offer access over NFS. In theory a special automount map could even start the VM on demand.

What do you need? Migrate data from XFS to a FreeBSD system? Share a file system with a linux system? Do you need it more than once?