www/firefox pulls in devel/llvm36?

Well, I've noticed that now www/firefox for compilation pulls in devel/llvm36 and lang/clang36. (And trying to use something else with CC=clang37 for example, gives rediculous errors like 'unknown NegativeInfinity'.) Is it "theirs" bug, or something with FreeBSD specific patches? Why is it 36 if even Xorg uses 37 now?
(Just a mention of something I consider strange, sorry for disturbance.)
It's not www/firefox that pulls it in. It's probably something you enabled on one of the dependencies that pulls it in.
Different projects have different ideas of which subset and features of C/C++ they want to use and that's completely outside of control for the FreeBSD port maintainers. Of course they would rather see everything unified so that everything that needs a newer Clang/LLVM could just use the newest ones in the ports tree but that's just not possible.
Yes, and due to this bug in newer Xserver, it's even more discouraging. So, to xstart without failing I have to pkg delete devel/llvm36 lang/clang36 and when rebuilding www/firefox these ports will come out again…